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Are you looking for the quintessential South Pacific paradise? How about Fiji Sailing Holidays? Fiji is making inroads to establishing itself as a Superyacht hub of the South Pacific with a population that is amazingly warm and friendly.

When you think of the mild climate, abundant Sea-Life, crystal clear waters, exotic and spectacular islands, you will be thinking of Fiji.

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Where do yachts depart from in Fiji?

Port Denarau Marina is on the West side of Nadi, a city on the main island of Viti Levu. The Marina is a well-stocked facility not only for yachts but also for the crew.

Port Denarau Marina can accommodate yachts up to 70 meters and is the most popular destination to launch a yacht charter cruise or sailing holiday in Fiji.

Settlement Motor Yacht Chartering in Fiji

How large is Fiji for yachting?

Fiji boasts 330 islands and 1.29 million square kilometers of the pristine ocean! Two hundred twenty of the islands are uninhabited.

Fiji offers experiences for everyone with Luxury, Adventure, and Relaxation exist in every corner of either its volcanic or coral islands.

Cruising and Yachting Regulations have loosened over the last while, and yachts offering charters through the area are picking up in numbers every year.

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Places not to miss on your Fiji Yacht Charter

-If you remember back to the 1990’s Fiji featured prominently in the box office movies BLUE LAGOON and CASTAWAY

-One of the reasons for Fiji’s popularity is SCUBA diving!

-Fiji itself is known as the soft coral capital of the world.

-Rakikai and Vatu-i-ra are then the soft coral capitals of Fiji, which says something. The barely underwater reef here has pinnacles and seamounts of soft corals in yellows, pinks, and purples.

Fiji Masks

-Savusavu and the Koro Sea

-On the second-largest island of Fiji, called Vanua Levu, there are two beautiful places to go SCUBA diving that are not overexposed.

-The Great Sea Reef runs 300 kilometers from the top of Vanua Levu towards the end of Yasawa. 

-Here you can find 80% of Fiji’s tropical reef fish.

Fiji SCUBA diving Tropical Fish

-The other secret (maybe not now) is the Namena Marine Reserve, which is an island surrounded by a tongue of the reef. What makes that so special is its location.

Surrounded by many seamounts and right on the edge of the reef drop off, it is also on a migratory pathway for minke, sperm and humpback whales.

-Rainbow Reef lies on a narrow channel between Vanua Levu and Taveuni Island. The nutrient-rich water upwells and washes over the reef providing a constant food supply for the fantastic ecosystem of Maine life. Here lie around two dozen SCUBA and Snorkelling sites you can explore.

-Don’t forget to check out the Mamanuca Islands located just west of the Main City of Nadi offshore. The Mamanuca Islands have twenty remote islands to explore, of which seven of the islands are covered with water at high tide. Low tide is an excellent time for exploring!

-The third-largest island in Fiji is Taveuni, the Garden Island. On Taveuni, you are surrounded by lush jungle, gorgeous beaches, secluded waterfalls, incredible abundant wildlife you won’t want to leave.

Singing and Dancing with the very friendly Fiji People

Where can I find Manta Rays in Fiji?

Look at Kadavu Island in the south of Fiji, which is home to the Great Astrolabe Reef. Manta Ray Snorkelling it its claim to fame.

Great Astrolabe Reef is a breeding ground for big fish such as Tuna, Marlin, Trevally, and sharks.

Typical SCUBA visibility in Fiji is 50 to 130 feet!

Sit back and relax while your attentive yacht crew caters to your every whim.

Your Captain and Crew will show you the best-secluded beaches, the best sunsets to admire, and the best private champagne picnic for two on a deserted beach.

Fiji Sailing Holiday. Kids Kayaking

Trivia on Fiji Sailing Holidays

The Villagers own villages on remote islands, and it is apropos to bring a gift of Kava when arriving on the island.

Check out our sailing itineraries for Fiji

Fishing, Diving, Surfing, are all some of the BEST reasons to hit the South Pacific and Fiji. The marine life is without parallel.

Relax on a FIJI Beach

What are some popular Fiji Charter Yachts?

Several of the superyachts from Australia pass their yearly for charters.

Silent World, Masteka 2, SuRi, Callisto, Aquijo, Big Fish, Sea Wolf, and Driftwood are recent superyachts and expedition yachts that have plied the waters of Fiji.

Fiji and area offer Sailing Monohull and Multihull Vessels, Motor Yachts and Superyachts for your island hopping pleasure.

Check out our yacht search engine and get an idea of your perfect yacht. Fill out our quote form, and H2O Team Members will get to work planning your Fiji Sailing Holiday!

Douce France Catamaran. Fiji Sailing Holiday

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