A Captain-Only Yacht Charter is where you charter a vessel, and it comes with a captain and sometimes a mate as well. The captain will be fully responsible for the boat at all times.
He may require some help to sail or set anchor etc. Any tasks he needs help with will be fully explained to you before you do the job. What a fantastic way to increase your boating knowledge!
The captain will allow you to do more than just what he needs help with if you would like more experience.
Book a Captain Only Charter for the first-hand experience operating and navigating a vessel!
The charter terms of a Captain-Only Yacht have you rent the boat and Captain only. All expenses are on top of that which you pay.
You will need to do the cooking and cleaning for your group as well as the Captain. You do not have to take them out to eat with you every time, but you should leave provisions for him on board or give him the dinner cost to have dinner by himself.
Some captains will cook one or two nights in the week. Some captains will go out and get provisions that you want before you board. You may have a Captain who’s style is to drive the boat from spot to spot.
This is a lot of hard work for your Captain – please assist and tip accordingly.

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