Bahamas Catamaran Itinerary for your blissful sailing trip.

The Bahamas is straight up 200 KM of paradise with over 700 islands, islets, and cays.  The Bahamas is caught between Cuba and Florida amid the Atlantic.  Perfect for dropping your anchor in turquoise water by horseshoe reefs with white sand beaches.

Deserted Islands await you, and whether you choose to walk the long-deserted white beaches or snorkel or SCUBA dive the fantastic reefs, you will be spoiled with your choices.

On the inhabited islands, the pastel-colored houses soothe your soul while the tradewinds carry your worries away.

Bahamas Map Pinpoint
Where are The Bahamas?

FAQ on The Bahamas

The Tradewinds is steady with an air temperature generally between 18-27 degrees Celcius heading up to 31 degrees or so in the high summer months.

The water temperature ranges from 74-degree Fahrenheit in winter to 84-degree in summer.

Nassau is where you will find most of the yachts waiting for you to arrive. If you are coming in the night before, spend the night at  Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Beach Resort at the Pointe.

You will find all the modern shopping conveniences you want here being a major cruise ship port. Most of the Marinas in Nassau cluster around the area, with Nassau Yacht Haven Marina being a favorite of large and small vessels.

The landscape is sublimely tropical –think award-winning beaches, coral gardens, endless hues of blue, and colonial charm.

Sample Bahamas Itinerary from Nassau

Here is one sample itinerary to give you an idea of what your trip may be. But what the Captain will do is :

  • Go over a potential itinerary with you on your pre-charter phone call
  • Sit down with you when you arrive on board with a chart in hand.  At this time, he knows the weather for the week. Together, you will make a rough plan on where you want to go and what you want to do.
  • Plans are always changeable, depending on how much you are enjoying a destination.

Bahamas Catamaran Itinerary Day 1

Nassau to Highborne Cay- 25 NM

After meeting up with your yacht, getting settled in with a cold drink, and a nice lunch, the crew will get ready to set sail!   Today’s Destination is Highbourne Cay, a private island around 25 NM from Nassau. Highbourne Cay is known as the Gateway to the Exumas. With eight beaches, your catamaran may just choose to anchor off the west side of Highbourne Cay if the weather conditions are right.

Otherwise, there is an option to tie up at the marina overnight, which will allow you to do a bit of shopping or walk around the resort. There is a group of sharks that like to hang out under the fish cleaning station there. Highborne is also known for the oldest fossilized remains of the reef at 3.5 billion years old called stromatolites.

Itinerary Day 2

Highbourne Cay to Allans Cay to Warderick Wells- 20 NM

Today, we have another full day planned. First up would be a trip down to Allans Cay. Allans Cay, known for the many Iguana’s you can find ashore and the friendly birds ( In other words, nicely fed from the tourists.)

The Allans Cay Iguanas are one of the seven subspecies of the Bahamas Rock Iguana. They may look fearsome, but they are gentle and protected by law and endangered. They are only found on these small cays here and can weigh up to 24 lbs. Our Iguanas are always happy to see tourists who bring them vegetables and other goodies.

Swimming Pigs Bahamas Charter Itinerary Iguanas at Allen Cay H2O Luxury yachts
Iguanas at Allen Cay Bahamas

These lizards can also jump and live up to forty years! You will find them out lying in the sunshine between sunrise and sunset.

After lunch and a swim, it is time to make your way down to Warderick Wells. Warderick Wells is the very heart of the Exumas, where the Exuma Sea and Land Park lie.

Exuma National Park

Established in 1958, the National Park is an exciting island to explore, with trails, beaches, and snorkeling reefs, but as with all of the park’s islands, there are no amenities nor services.  But there is protected nature – bare, rugged, mostly unspoiled and beautiful.

Exploring the reefs snorkeling or SCUBA diving around this pristine area is an excellent way to spend some time, but this is a no-take area in the park, so no spearfishing. Even a quick trip through the reefs will introduce you to hundreds of brightly colored fish, lobsters, and maybe even turtles.

The anchorage at Warderick Wells is highlighted by a horseshoe-shaped channel of exquisitely colored blue water, surrounded by beaches and land with a sandbar that uncovers at low tide in the center.

Itinerary Day 3

Warderick Wells to Shroud Cay- 18 NM

Start your day out with a walk-up Boo Boo Hill for a beautiful panoramic view. Look for the Sperm Whale Skeleton located directly on the beach next to the National Park building. Or, hike up to visit old Loyalist Ruins from the late 18th century.

Then it is time to make your way to Shroud Cay. Shroud Cay is one of the most exciting places in the Exumas. What makes it unique are numerous shallow mangrove channels inside the island, which can be explored by tender. Some channel branches lead nowhere, some lead to a suddenly enclosed lake, and some lead to an ocean beach on the other side of the island.

The mangroves here support an impressive nursery for assorted fish, lobster, conch, and sea turtles.

At low tide on the south side sandbars, you can walk over them toward Hawksbill Cay. Paddleboard or Kayaks best explore these Southern Channels of the Cay with shallow depth.

Bahamas Catamaran Itinerary Day 4

Shroud Cay to Hawksbill Cay- 2 NM

Today, how about cruising down past Little Hall’s Pond Cay, aka Johnny Depp Island— and then back up to Hawksbill Cay, one of the Exumas’ most attractive spots.

You can spend leisurely time ashore walking the trails to explore the ruins of the loyalist ( Russell Family)  plantation from 1783 to 1830.

Completely uninhabited, don’t forget to enjoy the numerous snorkeling trails. The snorkeling trails are multiple, and the sea life is plentiful.

Itinerary Day 5

Hawksbill Cay to Normans Cay- 6 NM

Carlos Lehder’s drug-smuggling operation from 1978 until around 1982. With the Bahamian Government looking the other way, it became an important location for the transshipment of drugs into the USA. Eventually, the USA persuaded the government NOT to look the other way!

Home to world-class snorkeling spots, a perfect location to relax on the beach, and a natural environment. After you get tired exploring the jungles, hidden deserted beaches, and abandoned ruins.

A leisurely day, hang out with a drink floating in the water or paddle around exploring by yourself on a paddleboard.

Perhaps if you are on a ten-night itinerary instead of heading back up toward Nassau, head on down to Big Major Cay and Staniel Cay to visit the Swimming Pigs (31NM)

Itinerary Day 6

Hawksbill Cay to Highbourne Cay- 5 NM

There are eight beaches on Highbourne Cay. This is a good day to rent a golf cart and explore the island, or take a well-deserved break and hang out on the anchor playing in the water and doing some fishing before starting to head back up toward Nassau the next day.

Deserted Beach
Deserted Beach

Itinerary Day 7

Highbourne Cay to Nassau- 25 NM

After a delightful swim, snorkel, or SCUBA dive, it is time for your Captain to start making his way from Highbourne Cay up toward Nassau again.  Perhaps a lunch underway if the sea conditions allow and then get out the water sports! Tubing, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, are all offered by your friendly, talented crew at a beach anchorage for the evening. Try your hand at fishing, see what you can catch.

Bahamas Catamaran Itinerary Day 8

It is time to say your goodbyes by 12 noon today and book your next sailing vacation!

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