The Bahama Yacht Charter Show is an annual event located in Nassau.   

Rose Island, Bahamas

Why We Go to the Bahama Yacht Charter Show?

The Bahama Yacht Charter Show offers a full week of fun in the sun! The show provides excellent business opportunities as well. Charter companies will learn about all the marinas that can host yacht charters. Secondly, charter companies will have a chance to display their vessels and attract potential new businesses. Charter Yacht Brokers can view a substantial number of yachts in one location.  It is our chance to climb over and around them, and decide which ones to offer to our clients. We also can try out the various chef’s cuisine and to meet and network in the industry. What is better than a week-long event in the beautiful Bahamas? Finally, the event is non-profit and donates the proceeds to charity. Take a look at a sampling of our Bahama charter itinerary for your next vacation.

Coronavirus and Yacht Charters What You Need To Know.

Other Bahamian Activities

The Bahamas offers a wide array of activities other than the Bahama Yacht Charter Show. One of our favorites is diving in Normans Cay. The dive explores a sunken smuggler aircraft! Secondly, the Bahamas offer a truly unique experience: swimming with pigs! Big Major offers adventurists a genuinely unique story. The pigs are friendly and make for great photos. 

Swimming Pigs Bahamas Charter Itinerary

Chartering in the Bahamas

If a fantastic getaway to the Bahamas sounds ideal to you, take a look at our list of yachts and book yours today! The Bahamas has 700 islands in shallow, warm waters that are not only close to North America but also a very popular yachting destination. A long weekend in these crystal clear waters is good for the soul.

If you would like us to look at a motor yacht for your Bahama’s Getaway, let us know!