BVI Power Catamaran Itinerary. Come along on a virtual 7 night charter in the British Virgin Islands with Sea Boss.
This is an example of what we can offer onboard Sea Boss in this amazing part of the world 😊
Sea Boss power catamaran. bvi power catamaran itinerary
Sea Boss power catamaran. BVI power catamaran itinerary

DAY 1 of Your BVI Power Catamaran Itinerary

Your charter on Sea Boss begins at noon. Captain Stu and Chef Hannah will be ready to welcome you at Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola with a refreshing beverage.
After a safety briefing and yacht orientation, we will depart for Norman Island. While on route, relax on the forward deck and take in the beautiful scenery, smell the fresh air, listen to the ocean and feel the warm sun on your skin.
Norman Island is a short ride across Sir Francis Drake Channel and is mentioned in the book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson! Once anchored Hannah will serve lunch and we can discuss the plans for the week ahead.
The Indians
The Indians. BVI power catamaran itinerary
After lunch has settled we have 2 great snorkels for you. One is called the Indians, which is made up of 4 rocky pinnacles that rise around 100ft from the ocean floor, the other is the caves…..and if you are brave enough Captain Stu will give you a waterproof flashlight to explore underwater deep into the island interior. You may even find some treasure!!!
Later on, in the afternoon there will be an opportunity to go to the famous Willy T floating bar for a cocktail. If you prefer you can go to the beach bar at Pirates Bight and watch the sun go down……. Or relax on Sea Boss 🍸
In the evening Hannah will serve dinner on the aft deck and Stu will make sure your glass is always topped up!
Willy T's BVI. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Willy T’s, Norman Island


Wake up to the smell of breakfast from Hannah’s galley…..grab a coffee and sit on the aft deck while taking in your surroundings and listening to nature waking up. The birds are singing and the fish are jumping out of the water.
If you have plenty of energy maybe a hike before breakfast is your thing. There is a scenic trail that runs along the ridge of Norman Island. You can get some amazing views of the anchorage from here.
Norman Island, BVI. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Norman Island, BVI
After breakfast, we head to The Baths on Virgin Gorda. The Baths is an area of massive boulders surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and warm pools of water. Stu will take you on a walk through The Baths…. This is an amazing experience and is not to be missed!
If you would like to have a drink while here, there is a bar called Top of The Baths, where you can enjoy far-reaching views or you can grab a beer at Poor Mans Bar, located on the beach, and sit in the sand with the waves lapping over your feet.
The Baths, Virgin Gorda. BVI power catamaran itinerary
The Baths, Virgin Gorda
We head back to Sea Boss, where Hannah has prepared sticky beef skewers for lunch. Afterward we move to our next stop, Mountain Point, which is still part of Virgin Gorda. Here you can snorkel and paddleboard…or if you prefer float in a chair out the back of Sea Boss.
Snorkeling off Mountain Point. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Snorkeling off Mountain Point
sticky beef skewers on seaboss. BVI power catamaran itinerary
sticky beef skewers
Enjoy a Captain’s Cocktail while the sun leaves us for another day. We get some wonderful sunsets at Mountain Point.
Captain's Cocktail on Seaboss. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Captain’s Cocktail on Sea Boss
After dinner maybe play one of the many games we have onboard or relax and chat with an after-dinner drink. Then to bed with full bellies and big smiles, ready to dream about the next day’s adventure 😊

Day 3

Bacon and French toast aboard Sea Boss. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Bacon and French toast aboard Sea Boss
After some French Toast and bacon, We take the tender for a short ride over to Great Dog for a snorkel. If you are brave enough there are swim-throughs and canyons to explore. Captain Stu will be with you to guide you the whole way.
Snorkeling the waters of Great Dog, BVI
Snorkeling the waters of Great Dog, BVI
Once we get back to Sea Boss we will pull anchor and head to Leverick Bay Marina, Virgin Gorda. The marina has a small grocery store and gift store as well as a beach bar, restaurant, and a small spa. There is even a British Telephone box on the dock…….unfortunately Hurricane Irma took some of it away 😞
Leverick Bay Marina, Virgin Gorda
Leverick Bay Marina, Virgin Gorda
There are lots of opportunities to explore here…
*Take a tour of the island with one of our friendly local taxi drivers. They can take you to the ruins of the copper mine that was constructed in 1837 as well as showing you the island through their eyes with all their local knowledge.
Copper mine ruins
Copper mine ruins. BVI power catamaran itinerary
* Go up to Hog Heaven for the best ribs in the islands. From this restaurant you have amazing views of the neighboring islands and if a clear day you can see Anegada, which is 15 miles away – pretty impressive considering Anegada’s highest point is only 28ft above sea level!
Hog Heaven, Virgin Gorda
Hog Heaven, Virgin Gorda
View from Hog Heaven
View from Hog Heaven
* Hire jet skis or a small sailing dingy and go around the North Sound area.
Jet Ski
Jet Ski
Between 5pm – 7pm Levick Bay hosts the Michael Beans Happy ARRRRR Pirate Show. This is a very family-friendly show and really good fun for both children and adults. We can even dress up! 🏴‍☠️
Michael Beans Happy ARRRRR Pirate Show. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Michael Beans Happy ARRRRR Pirate Show!
Tonight there is a great opportunity to go to the amazing Coco Maya for dinner. The restaurant is set right on the beach and the food is wonderful. We would recommend this if you would like to get off the boat for an evening.
Coco Maya, Virgin Gorda. BVI Power Catamaran Itinerary
Coco Maya


eggs benedict aboard Sea Boss. BVI power catamaran itinerary
eggs benedict
After eggs benedict, we travel 15 miles up to Anegada.
This journey will take less than an hour and once there, we will anchor in Setting Point on the south of the island.
Anegada, BVI. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Anegada, BVI
Anegada (meaning drowned island, named by the Spanish) is a low-lying coral island that is very different from all the other mountainous islands in the BVI. Anegada is known for its miles and miles of white sandy beaches and the 18 mile long Horseshoe Reef, the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean and fourth largest on earth.
White sandy beaches on Anegada. BVI power catamaran itinerary
White sandy beaches on Anegada
Once anchored in Setting Point we suggest going on to the island to explore. The best way to do this is to hire a vehicle…Mokes are lots of fun to drive around in. There is no need to be worried about driving as Anegada is only 10 miles long and 2.5 miles wide, with only a couple of roads….so it is impossible to get lost! The island is very quiet with only a population of around 320.
Renting Mokes on Anegada. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Renting Mokes on Anegada
The best beaches are located along the north shore, here you have pure white sand and clear, warm turquoise water. Cow Wreck Beach Bar is a must-visit and also Anegada Beach club for a BLT – Bacon, lettuce, lobster, and tomato wrap 😋 Also while on island you can visit the flamingo pond, the Anegada Rock Iguanas, and snorkel off the beach at Flash of Beauty. If you are really adventurous, try kite surfing lessons with our friends at the school.
Cow Wreck Beach Bar. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Cow Wreck Beach Bar
When you are ready, come back to Sea Boss where a snack and Captain’s cocktail will be waiting for you to enjoy at sunset.
Dinner can be onboard Sea Boss or at one of the many lobster restaurants that line the beach in the anchorage. You will be able to smell the fresh lobster being grilled from the boat 🦞 🔥
Fresh lobster for dinner! BVI power catamaran itinerary
Fresh lobster for dinner!
Yachts anchored off Setting Point for the night. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Yachts anchored off Setting Point for the night

Day 5

Wake up, put on your comfy Sea Boss robe, and head to the aft deck for a light breakfast of avocado toast.
Avocado toast aboard sea boss. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Avocado toast
This morning CaribbeanKing Kelly will be coming to pick you up in his boat to take you on a tour.
CaribbeanKing Kelly. BVI power catamaran itinerary
CaribbeanKing Kelly
First, you will snorkel the Horseshoe Reef, and if lucky 🍀 Kelly may be able to get a lobster for you 🦞 After the reef he will show you Conch Island. This massive mound of conch shells has been created by fishermen throwing their unwanted conch shells into the same spot for hundreds of years.
Conch Mountain, Anegada. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Conch Mountain
Fingers crossed Kelly will find a conch for you from which he will harvest the meat. You can then throw the shell onto the island. Don’t forget to make a wish!
Checking conch shells. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Checking conch shells
On the way back to Sea Boss look out for the Flamingos! Hopefully, you will arrive back with some lobster and conch for Hannah to make something with.
Flamingos. BVI power catamaran itinerary
After some lunch, we will head to Brewers Bay on Tortola. Here we will anchor for the afternoon and evening. Paddleboard, water sports or relax with a good book – up to you.
Water sports on Brewers Bay. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Water sports on Brewers Bay
Enjoy a captain’s cocktail and watch the sun go down over Jost Van Dyke. Tonight for dinner we have scallops with curried cauliflower puree, crispy chorizo, and chili oil, followed by Steak with mushroom sauce, roasted potatoes, and asparagus, finished off with a lemon tart.
scallops with curried cauliflower puree. BVI power catamaran itinerary
scallops with curried cauliflower puree
Steak with mushroom sauce, roasted potatoes, and asparagus. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Steak with mushroom sauce, roasted potatoes, and asparagus
After dinner relax on the aft deck and listen to some music…..don’t stay up too late as we are off to Soggy Dollar tomorrow!!! — with CaribbeanKing Kelly.


Soggy Dollar Bay
Soggy Dollar Bay
Stu and Hannah will move Sea Boss to Soggy Dollar. No need for you to get up……breakfast will be served with a Bloody Mary when we arrive. It’s important to get a good spot in front of the webcam of course!!!
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary with breakfast
Swim off of the stern of Sea Boss into the bar and have a world-famous Pain Killer cocktail….paid for with your soggy dollars!! Either come to Sea Boss for lunch or have lunch at Hendo’s Hideout, which is next to Soggy Dollar. They do great burgers and fish sandwiches.
Soggy Dollar Bay
Soggy Dollar Bay
Pain Killer cocktail
Pain Killer cocktail
After lunch relax on the beach, float in a chair, or chill on Sea Boss. If you would like to check out Foxy’s you can take a quick taxi ride over the hill. The man himself just might be there singing and playing guitar. Take a t-shirt that you have written a message on, or a flag from your favorite football team, to hang in the bar.
Foxys, Jost Van Dyke
Foxys, Jost Van Dyke
Both Soggy Dollar and Foxys have really good gift stores so you can get your souvenir hats and t-shirts.
Once everyone is back on Sea Boss we head around the corner to Diamond Cay and put down the anchor for the evening. Tonight Hannah has prepared her bacon and zucchini soup, a very British Fish and Chips finished with a traditional English dessert of Eaton Mess.
bacon and zucchini soup
bacon and zucchini soup
Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips
Eaton Mess. BVI power catamaran itinerary
Eaton Mess
Maybe a movie in the salon before retiring to your cabin.
Guest cabin aboard Sea Boss
Guest cabin aboard Sea Boss
movie aboard sea boss

Day 7

After breakfast, we take a scenic, 20-minute hike to the Bubbly Pool. A natural pool that feels like a jacuzzi when the waves crash through a gap between the rocks. This is best when we have a north swell.
Bubbly Pool
Bubbly Pool
Once we are back on Sea Boss we will pull anchor and head to Little Harbour on Peter Island. Sit on the bow and take in the wonderful views as we travel along the western point of Tortola and up Sir Francis Drake Channel.
Little Harbor
Little Harbor
In little Harbour, we drop the anchor and then tie lines from the stern to the rocks. Sea Boss sits really nicely this way and we can get close to the rocks so it’s easy to jump straight off to swim and snorkel. Once we are all set, Hannah will serve Mahi Mahi tacos for lunch.
Mahi Mahi tacos
Mahi Mahi tacos
During the afternoon Stu can take you on a snorkel to try and find his favorite thing…. Octopus 🐙 As well as fish, Little Harbour has its resident turtles to snorkel with too.
If you would like another walk, there is a short hike that you can do to an abandoned house on top of the hill. There are some great views here and you may even see the odd goat or 2!
Sunsets from here are really good, so relax with a cocktail and watch the sun go down on the foredeck.
Little Harbor sunset
Little Harbor sunset
Sea Boss sunset
Sea Boss sunset
Dinner onboard tonight is Sushi which has been freshly prepared by Hannah. After dinner, we all chat about what everyone’s favorite part of the week has been 😊
Sushi for dinner
Sushi for dinner


Unfortunately, it is nearly time for you to depart Sea Boss 😢
After breakfast enjoy your last swim/snorkel in the warm, pristine waters of Little Harbour. Relax on the sun pad or upper aft deck sun loungers and enjoy the sunshine on your skin.
Now its time to head back to Nanny Cay. On route relax and take in the wondersful views. Make sure you write in Stu and Hannah’s guest book!
Once back at Nanny Cay we have time for a group photo before your taxi arrives. We never say goodbye…..We say see you again!
sea boss 1
Thank you so much for following our 7 night charter around the BVI. This is just a sample of where we can go and what we can do for you. We plan each itinerary depending on what our guest’s interests are and at a pace that suits.
Here are some other options for places to visit on your charter in the BVI. It is impossible to fit everything in during 7 days….So you will just have to come back again!!!
*Stay in the Marina at Oil Nut Bay and get a day pass to the resort.
*Go to Cooper Island and visit their Rum Bar and lovely boutique. The restaurant is great for lunch.
*Anchor at Salt Island and hike to the salt pond. Also a great snorkel along the shore.
*If you have your PADI….enjoy a dive with our friends at Sunchaser Scuba
*Horse ridding on the beach in Anegada with Francis Family Farm
*Enjoy happy hour cocktails at the newly built Saba Rock resort in North Sound.
*Enjoy a picnic, prepared by Hannah, on Sandy Spit. You may be lucky and have the island to yourselves.
*Explore Sandy Cay – A tiny island with a lovely wildlife trail.
*Anchor in Brandywine Bay and go for dinner at the amazing restaurant, Brandywine Estate Restaurant …..set up high with wonderful views. Here we can also have a game of Pétanque!
*Hike through the rain forest to the top of Sage Mountain on Tortola. This is the highest point in the BVI.
*Enjoy the afternoon and nightlife in Cane Garden Bay. Visit the Callwood Rum Distillery, which is one of the oldest continuous pot distilleries in the Caribbean.
*Visit Scrub Island resort and enjoy their swim up pool bar, sip on a cocktail in the hot tub in the evening or use the Spa facilities they have on offer.
BVI drone

This concludes our BVI Power Catamaran Itinerary. This is a sample of the many destinations to hit in the British Virgin Islands!

Have questions? Comment below! Always happy to share my knowledge on the waters of the British Virgin Islands!

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