In pure form, Boat Shows! Good yacht brokers attend at a minimum. Hundreds of boats show every year where they can board the yachts, meet the crew, and see if the yachts match the online brochures. These are typically B2B (business to business) events.
November is the time for them in the US and British Virgin Islands and December in Antigua for Caribbean Yachts. The spring and fall see many Mediterranean Boat Shows, including Greece, Barcelona, and Monaco.
We take photographs and meet the crews in depth. We do not rely on glossy websites and brochures.
For example, many yachts say they have fishing on board, but when asked, many professional Captains don’t encourage fishing as they don’t want the mess on the back deck. Or, you can fish, but they will make sure you troll in an area where you won’t catch much. We also have Industry Associations and a vast network of charter brokers and crews that we can count on.