It all depends on your getaway of choice! Most yachting hotspots are in warm climates, which makes packing lightly pretty simple. If you’ve chosen a charter that embarks during cooler months of a specific locale, our list includes recommendations for you, too.

Certain items like sunglasses and your passport are a must, regardless of the weather. We know how daunting it can be to pack for seven or more days aboard a luxury yacht. While our crew fully stocks the boat with essentials and luxe amenities, there are certain items you should plan to bring. Follow this no-fuss packing list to ensure a smooth yachting adventure, wherever your destination may be.

Your Packing Guide for Yachting in Warm Climates

It’s all about the aquaculture in picture-perfect yachting destinations like the Mediterranean, South Pacific, and the Caribbean. Plan your wardrobe around spending half your time in a swimsuit. Does it get any better than that?

  • Two swimsuits — we encourage around the clock snorkeling and sunbathing!
  • 6 pieces of light clothing to throw over your swimsuit (t-shirts, beach coverups, sundresses, etc.)
  • One or two outfits for an evening on the town — you know what kind of traveler you are. If high-end restaurants are on your itinerary, pack accordingly.
  • Two or three pairs of shorts for exploring the sights and streets of your destination
  • One or two pairs of sandals or flip-flops and a pair of water shoes — although, barefoot is certainly the dress code aboard your yacht! Whatever footwear you choose, please ensure it won’t leave black sole marks on the boat.
  • A light rain jacket will keep you dry in squalls and cozy during any chilly evenings.

Your Packing Guide for Yachting in Every Climate

  • Two pairs of polarized sunglasses attached to sunglass straps
  • Your favorite playlists — or rock out to ours!
  • Books or podcasts for a relaxing day at sea
  • Mask and snorkel, if you have your own. Otherwise, our crew has you covered.
  • Beach towel for days on the mainland. The yacht is fully stocked with plush bath towels.
  • Insulated bottle or cup to keep your drinks cool all day long
  • Hat and sunscreen lotion — the sunshine is always strong, no matter the temperature
  • Cell phone with roaming data + chargers — expect complimentary WiFi at many restaurants onshore. Most crewed yachts have basic internet available onboard.
  • Passport, money, credit card — you might not locate an ATM for many nautical miles! Come prepared with plenty of cash and be sure to let your bank know you may use credit cards offshore.
  • Prescriptions and motion sickness medication, if necessary

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