Experience the Caribbean Through the Lens of a Local

The true beauty of the U.S. and the British Virgin Islands is found far from the cruise ports. Escape the hustle and bustle for endless island hopping and friendly locals with a yacht charter in the Virgin Islands

The list of things to do from a luxury yacht in the Virgin Islands could go on for miles! It’s important to curate your itinerary with an island insider to hit all the best spots.

Island Hop in Style Around the Virgin Islands

Spend your days sipping rum on the shores of Tortola or basking in the luxury of St. John. There are a million different ways to spend your Caribbean getaway, and you can’t go wrong with any of them!

Virgin Islands beach
Virgin Islands beach

Soak in the perfect weather aboard your yacht as the captain and crew navigate between the islands. The uniqueness of a yacht charter in the Virgin islands is it allows you to sprawl out on a private beach in the afternoon and dance with fabulous travelers by night. You’ll find no shortage of ways to fill your time in paradise!

Recharge Your Soul with the Virgin Island’s Sand and Surf

Between boozy afternoons at hotspots like the notorious Soggy Dollar and Foxy’s, nestle into the soft sand for some R&R. The Virgin Islands boasts plenty of quaint beach bars and restaurants, but nothing beats a day of nothing but sand and sun.

Take a dip at Coki Point Beach on St. Thomas for year-round perfect snorkeling. When the cool sea and hot sand takes it out of you, head aboard your private yacht for a gourmet meal and possibly a massage.

Come Experience the Luxe Side of Island Living

If breathtaking views and unparalleled adventure sound like your perfect getaway, then the Virgin Islands is the vacation for you. The only way to truly experience the best of the islands is from the comfort of a private yacht charter.

Chat with the H2O Luxury Yachts team today to get started on your Virgin Islands dream getaway.

Sample Itinerary for Luxury Yacht in the Virgin Islands