How much does a yacht charter cost? This is almost akin to asking how long a piece of string is. I am not going to be able to cover every situation, but I can give you a few guidelines.

Costs to charter a yacht depend on the following:

  • Type of yacht
  • Type of Charter
  • Size of Yacht
  • Location of Yacht – and how many yachts for charter in that location
  • How many Crew onboard
  • What the market will bear
  • Time of Year

I did a 5 part series covering all the basics of chartering a yacht earlier and Part 3 covers the different types of charter rates depending on the type of charter.

How much does a yacht charter cost?

How much does a Yacht Charter Cost- Virgin Islands?

Let’s take a look at 6 guests for a seven-night charter. Remember in most of these categories the sky is going to be the limit. There will always be very budget boats that most yacht charter brokers will not book as well. I am going for the average.

There is a high concentration of charter vacations in some of these categories and that keeps the price competitive.

Bareboat– Monohull Sailing Yacht. The market in the Virgin Islands has really gone away from these. There are very few left in the fleets any longer, and you can rent them for the lowest cost. A small 35′ for a week could be as little as under $3000 in low season up to around $4000 for the highest season.

If you are getting into larger and more loaded monohulls over 45′ you can look at around $4900 to $7000 and a bit more depending on the season.

On top of this, you pay ALL additional costs.

Bareboat– Sailing Catamaran. We have a lot in the Virgin Islands. I am going to say $1100 to $1500 per day in the 40-46′ Range Sailing Catamaran in Low season up to $1500 to $2500 per day or more for the best and brightest fully loaded in the high season.

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How much do Fully Crewed yacht charters cost in the Virgin Islands?

  • Fully Crewed and Inclusive- Monohull Sailing Yacht. Your costs on these are between $2000 to $3000 per person per day for the 50-60′ yachts here. One caveat. We don’t have very many of them. I could count the ones that actually make the Virgin Islands their home base on two hands.
  • Fully Crewed and Inclusive- Sailing Catamaran. You are going to find the largest number of yachts and the largest variations in price in this category. You can get a 40′ odd foot fully crewed and inclusive catamaran on the quite budget end for $15,000 per week, $20,000 will give you a decent but still lower budget to play with and the sky is definitely the limit from there.
  • Fully Crewed and Plus All Expenses- Motor Yacht. Now we are getting into the luxury motor yacht range. You are most likely looking at motor yachts at least 80′ and more likely over a 100′. Count on $50,000 per week PLUS all the expenses.
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The Sky is the limit in Yacht Charter Prices

Fully Crewed and Fully Inclusive- Motor Yacht. Lately, quite a few power catamarans have come into this market and you are looking $30,000 and up for these. I have added Inclusive Motor Yachts in here as we are starting to see a couple who are offering a fully crewed and inclusive packages in the 90′ range on a stunning yacht for around $80,000.

This is wonderful to have your food and drinks included and quite uncommon in this range.

Is there a High Season and Low Season for Yacht Charter?

Yes. There definitely is for the demand on the yachts, but it is not always reflected on the charter prices.

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Holiday Pricing on Charter Yachts

High Season Pricing over Xmas and New Year applies to ALL the charter fees. These prices can be 20-40% higher. No, there will not be any discounts. Nor can you take less than a 7-night charter on any of them. In reality, the luxury motor yachts want a ten-night minimum.

In the Bareboat fleets you will find up until after Easter is typically at a high-season rate, and the rates going down until August summer season when you can find a bottom-of-the-barrel deal.

Fully Crewed and inclusive charters USED to have a High, Low, and Holiday season rate. Every year, the tendency has been growing that they only have a Holiday and rate that is the same year-round otherwise.

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Summer Rates on Fully Crewed Yacht Charters

Some yachts do have summer rates that are a bit lower ( from May 15th to December 15th) but less and less every year. What you CAN find there in the crewed yacht charters is more ” last-minute” specials to fill the lower season calendar. Additionally, booking at this year’s costs before next year’s price increase is a benefit.

How do I get my Yacht Charter costs lower?

There are some tips and tricks with this.

  1. This is obvious, but book in the off-season. If you like the bustle and business of charter season, book the first week or two in the NEXT season down. It will be almost the same.
  2. Book a 6-night charter. On most of the yachts, with the exception of some bareboat companies, a 6-night charter is prorated. Anything less than 6-nights will have a surcharge on it. This means the cost of a 5 and 6-night charter typically ends up being only a few hundred dollars difference.
  3.  Take a sleep-aboard. Look and see when your flight is going to get in! Since most yacht charters in the crewed fleet start at 12 noon. If you are not getting in until mid or late afternoon, take a 6-night charter and see if your yacht will let you add on a sleep aboard. This is often half the price if not even a great discount than a normal day onboard.4) There are other ways in the bareboat fleet, that I don’t deal with as a yacht charter broker of course, but you can look for owners’ time. Several websites are set up for this or forums.
  4.  On the Super Yachts, ESPECIALLY when it is coming to last-minute or late in the season, you can put in a reasonable offer. You will be surprised what may be accepted! Your charter yacht broker can guide you on this.
  5.  Be prepared to jump on “fill the gap” or cancellation specials.
  6. Be flexible!!!! Flights are typically less expensive during the week. The one thing that does not sway the yacht owner in your favor though ( and I hear this often). “How much will they come down on price? We can only afford this much because the flights are so expensive”
  7.  Go for a Captain-Only Charter and do the cooking and cleaning yourself instead of a fully crewed and inclusive charter.
  8. Take a Cabin Only Sailing for 6 or seven nights in many areas. The Caribbean, Greece, or more exotic. These are surprisingly good bang for your buck if you cannot get a large group together!
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In-depth experience with all types of yacht charters in the Virgin Islands

We can book you on ANY type of these vacations at H2O Luxury Yachts. We spend a lot of time researching and viewing the yachts in each category. After having lived in the Virgin Islands for over twenty years and completing over 400 weeks of charter myself, I have a pretty good grasp on any aspects of your yacht charter vacation.

Check out the BVI Charter Yacht Society for more information on the Crewed Charter Yacht Industry in the British Virgin Islands and VIPCA for more information in the United States Virgin Islands

Stop thinking that THIS is the only way that you can enjoy a yacht vacation and Start calling us to make that booking!

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