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Let’s delve deeper into the variety of yacht models and charters available, exploring the exciting possibilities that await.

Watching the Pelicans on your yacht charter

When is the most affordable time of year for yacht vacations?

“It depends,” of course, in what part of the world. I will go over a couple of the main areas here.

In the Caribbean, there are three distinct seasons with varying prices: High season, Low season, and a Holiday period that coincides with the high season. The Holiday season spans from December 16th to January 5th.

These dates usually have a 15-20% or more surcharge over the high season rates. The high season is from November 1st through April 30th, and the low season is from May 1st through October 31st.

High season rates are generally higher than the low season. During high season, many more boats are available, as many ships leave the Caribbean in low season to charter either in the Mediterranean or the east coast of the United States.

Over the last few years, I have seen a trend in the Caribbean where the base charter fee is the same in the high and low seasons.

Most of the Mediterranean also has three distinct periods. The high season is July and August.

The shoulder season is June and September.

The low season is the rest of the year.

Many yachts in the Med only offer charter experiences until the end of October. It becomes too cold in the area.

Croatia has a unique pricing structure. Each week leading up to the peak season and then descending into the low season has a different price, providing a dynamic charter experience.

Luxury Superyacht Cabins

What is a Yacht “Sleepaboard”

Sleep aboard’s offered by some boats as there calendar permits. You will find this predominantly in the Caribbean and has come about because of the lack of hotel rooms some of the islands have.

A sleepaboard allows you to use the boat as overnight accommodation prior to the start of your charter.

You can sleep on board, but no other services are provided, just like a hotel room. Most yachts do offer a welcome cocktail upon boarding and continental breakfast.

You will need to go out for dinner and supply your beverages for the night. The fact you do not need to move rooms makes this a great option when available.

I recommend it when I have charter guests coming in mid to late afternoon and on.

What is boarding time on your first day of the charter?

Your yacht will be available at noon on pick-up day and guest departure by noon on departure day.

Some yachts have a late afternoon boarding, especially if you are looking at a Cabin Only Sailing Model that will run from 5 PM on Saturday and guests departure by ten the following Saturday.

Guests arriving onboard their yacht for the week

Do Yacht Charters start on the same day every week?

No. In general, the yacht will take bookings wherever their calendar is free. We do try and help the boat avoid 5-night gaps if possible in between charters, so you may be asked if you can be flexible by a day or two.

An exception is the Christmas and New Years’ week as all the yachts want to finish two charter weeks, at the maximum amount they can for those hectic weeks.

What is a Tandem Yacht Charter?

If you have 30 guests and want there is no yacht available that takes that many, you can choose to ask for a tandem charter. We will pair up matching boats to your requirements, and all the yachts will follow the same route and stay at the same anchorage overnight.

We can even pair up different types of yachts if some have more of an interest in say, sailing yachts, and others are looking for a motor yacht.

Discover your luxury yacht vacation

Monohulls versus Multihulls

A monohull has just one hull, where a multihull may have 2 or 3 hulls. 2 hulls makes it a catamaran, and three hulls make it a trimaran.

Multihulls are much more stable when at anchor than monohulls. They tend to have more interior volume and more deck space. Also, they do not lean while sailing as a monohull does.

Both sail and powerboats come in either mono or multihull. Multihulls tend to hold more guests and are generally slightly more expensive to charter than monohulls. There are many more multihulls in charter than monohulls.

If you have a fear of seasickness or are first-timers, then a multihull is the right choice.

Huge luxury yachts in the hundreds of feet will usually have stabilizers onboard. These are an excellent choice as it stops rolling at anchor and underway.

What is the ideal duration for a yacht charter vacation?

There are no set rules; some boats do have a minimum number of nights that they will go out for, some also have a maximum.

By far, the most usual number of nights for a charter is 7. I think this has a lot to do with the workweek rather than the perfect vacation length. From my observations, while doing hundreds of charters, I think that any less than four nights is too short. It takes the first two days to settle into a slower pace and find your way around the boat.

Long Charters

More than eight days is starting to become too long for some. The dirty laundry is beginning to pile up, and being away from home for more than a week seems to have a psychological barrier. Small kids under 7 or 8 are put right out of there schedule while on vacation.

By night five, they are showing signs of being overtired. It’s hard to get them to go to bed before they fall asleep, with all the excitement going on. Then they are up before the roosters. So 6 or 7 nights is about right.

Teenagers have a blast once they get over the first two days of “I refuse to let my parents see me have fun” mode. There are always teenage girls hanging on to the mast at the end of the week, crying and saying, “no, you can’t make me leave”!

The luxury of a yacht charter vacation

When is Hurricane Season in the Caribbean?

Hurricane season runs from the first of June until the end of November. These dates are driven by insurance companies as well as the hurricanes.

Each area does, however, have only a two month period where hurricanes reach the more probable stage, even though they are possible throughout the season but not common.

The Virgin Islands 2 high months are from mid-August to mid-October. I always recommend that guests take insurance at any time of the year. Do take out trip insurance during these months.

If you’re on a charter and a hurricane is approaching, it’s important to be prepared for potential disruptions. Depending on the severity, the Captain and crew may need to find a secure anchorage for the night, and you may experience some rain.

Some insurance companies and yachts WILL have a rule that at a certain point out from a named storm, you have to cancel the charter and prepare the boat. Hurricane Insurance protects you!

FAQ Yacht Charter Types

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