Loosely this brings you to your part! You arrive at a website like H2O Luxury Yachts. Each Yacht Brokerage has its own set of boats that they “prefer” booking. Their yacht preference is for as many different reasons as there are yacht charter brokers!
Some may sell any yacht charter to anyone with the ability to sign a check.
Others may get extra commission from various yachts so that they will push those.
Some represent a specific fleet and therefore push those regardless of whether they are your perfect match or not.
Yachts that come into the market recently are unknown quantities and will offer specials or price themselves lower than comparable boats to get bookings. With bookings hopefully, come great reference letters that they can use to entice other brokers to book them
Some are genuinely professional and genuinely try to find out what you are looking for and then match you up with your perfect yacht.
H2O promises to give you up to date information, facilitate the process, and guide you on the logistics around your yacht charter vacation. We are there for support right until you return home, and we follow up with you on HOW your yacht charter vacation was.  Reviews also help us with future client bookings.
If you have any problems with your holiday, we are still there to help you work through it either with the boat or clearinghouse. Some yachts and bareboats sell directly to the public at the same price you get with using a broker.  Their advice can be biased, as can be expected when they are selling their product. If you have any problems with the yacht, crew, service, or otherwise, you are on your own to sort it out without our experience and input. We are independent of any boats, and YOU are our only concern, not the yacht. Being as our service is free to you, why wouldn’t you choose to use a professional independent yacht broker?