The British Virgin Islands have enthralled visitors from across the globe with their beauty. There is nothing which beats the soothing currents of the clearest blue waters. The main islands of the BVI’s include Tortola, Anegada, Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Gorda which one can best be experienced by chartering a yacht. There are also more than 50 other islands and cays you can explore. Many of them only by boat. All of them are amazing, but Tortola is the most popular one among tourists. It takes the visitors to an ultimate trip of the heavens. And, you have a hard time believing that you are not dreaming.

BVI Beaches

About Tortola

Tortola is the largest of the British Virgin Islands and grabs the most attention. The island seems like a masterpiece straight from a very apt painter’s brush. The inky blue waters stands in stark contrast with the white sands on the beach. The harbors seem even more captivating with the lush greenery near them which is sure to mesmerize all the visitors.

Tortola is one of those British Virgin Islands which have a mingling of the ancient West Indies too. The overall feel and the picturesque landscape are so incredible that you have to visit it to know how beautiful it is.

Tortola Island is rich in secluded palm encased beaches like Long Bay Beach, Smuggler’s Cove, Apple Bay, and Josiah’s Bay Beach. All of them have distinct views and energies about them which are sure to please you.

Must-See Spots and Activities on Your Tortola Yacht Charter

Your Tortola yacht charter is going to be so full of fun that you will cherish it for a long while. But here are the spots that you must see and the activities that you must do while on your Tortola yacht charter.

  • You can go exploring the peaceful waters on the Smuggler’s Cove. The water current is low and calming while the sand is perfectly white. Snorkeling Smuggler’s Cove is a favorite.
  • Mount Sage National Park is a major attraction in Tortola with its high trails and lovely scenery. You can spend a few hours there chasing the wildlife and checking your limits while you trek the trails in the park.
  • If you are fond of plants and love learning about new orchids then J.R. O’Neal Botanical Garden is going to interest you a lot. You can make a stop there and see how the butterflies beautify the garden.
  • Chances are you might be picking up your boat or yacht from Nanny Cay.  If you are be sure to stop by Nanny Cay Beach Bar.
Brandywine Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

Getting to Tortola

Getting to Tortola is easy as you have two options for this. You can fly directly to Tortola and land in the Beef Island Airport there or fly to Cyril E. King airport on St Thomas and then leave for Tortola on a ferry. It is up to you to choose the one which is easier and more affordable for you.

Best Time for a Tortola Yacht Charter

Tortola is welcoming and spellbinding throughout the year. The best time to find a great deal on a Tortola yacht charter vacation is between September and October. The water current is perfect and there are no crowds, making it much more inviting. However, this is hurricane season so you do need to watch the weather.  Weather year round in the Caribbean is beautiful.  Peak season is November – May.

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