Sample Bahamas Itinerary

H2O Luxury Yachts Sample Bahamas Itinerary

Things to Do From a Luxury Yacht in the Bahamas

Bahamas Itinerary Day 1

Set the scene for your private yacht charter with a romp around the stark white beaches in Nassau. There are countless things to do from a luxury yacht in the Bahamas and Nassau is the perfect preview to your tropical getaway.

Head aboard your yacht for the first glimpse of your opulent accommodations. Whether you spend the afternoon paddle boarding or sit down for a gourmet meal on your private deck, Nassau is the perfect locale to kick off your trip.

Day 2

Start the day by working off the fluffy waffles from breakfast with a morning exploring the notorious Norman’s Cay. Once a hotspot for drug traffickers like Pablo Escobar, dive below for a glimpse at a sunken smuggler’s aircraft.

Head ashore to the only restaurant and bar on the island, MacDuff’s. Grab a bite to eat then sprawl out on the quiet sands of your nearly private island.

Day 3

Spend day 3 of your Bahamas Itinerary by swimming with the sea creatures in the islet of Big Major! Take a dip at the noteworthy Pig Beach to swim with the sows. If you came for adventure, this is certainly your time to shine.

Day 4

Your next stop at Staniel Cay is the perfect contrast to getting down and dirty on Pig Beach. Take advantage of the vibrant sea life with an afternoon snorkel before swimming ashore to The Staniel Cay Yacht Club. Rent a golf cart for the perfect romp around this luxurious island. Bring the day’s adventure to a close with dancing, live music and fabulous sightseeing at Kermit’s Hilltop Restaurant and Tavern.

Day 5

Recover from a long night of dancing with a leisurely breakfast on the way to Allen Cay. This is the spot to soak in some sun or experience more wildlife on Iguana Beach. Hey, we say do both. Use caution when feeding the iguanas to avoid getting nipped. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Day 6

Explore the 80-mile stretch of the Exuma Cays for a day of unparalleled island hopping. Slap on some sunscreen and start your adventure at the Starfish Reserve where you’ll see some of the largest starfish in the world.

Lunch doesn’t get any fresher than this! Dive for conch and watch as your chef creates a fresh conch salad for you and your guests. Spend the rest of your day snorkeling the undeveloped waters of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.

Day 7

Cap off your luxurious getaway with a day of relaxation at Highbourne Cay. Soak in the sun with a good book then head to one of the waterfront restaurants for a picturesque view and true Bahamian cuisine. Make the most of every carefree minute before the voyage back to Nassau for disembarkment.

Get Started On Your Dream Bahamas Yachting Getaway

If a week like this relaxing in paradise sounds like your idea of a vacation, we’re here to help you make it happen. Chat with the H2O Luxury Yachts team today to plan your perfect private charter around the Bahamas.

This is a sample Bahamas Itinerary and can be changed to meet your wishes.