Luxury Yacht Rental in the Caribbean!

Dip Your Toes in the Clear Blue Waters of the Caribbean

You only need an hour or so of yachting around the Caribbean to understand the immensity of dreamy destinations in every corner of the turquoise sea. Sink your toes in the stark white sand on St. Kitts or climb the unimaginable Aztec ruins in Mexico, all while cruising around the massive archipelago aboard your private yacht.

There’s so much more to the Caribbean than all-inclusive resorts and cruise ship ports. If you’ve never experienced these islands like a local (but soaked in luxury, of course), then you’ve never experienced them. Slip on your swimsuit and watch the horizon change as your captain whisks you away to some of the world’s top vacation getaways.

St George, Grenada
St George, Grenada

3 Yachting Caribbean Hotspots You Can’t Miss

Everyone has a clear idea in their head of the perfect Caribbean beach vacation. Clear blue water, boozy daiquiris, resort amenities…you get it. What if we told you there are islands within the Caribbean that are so much more? Dare to venture outside of your island knowledge to experience locales you can’t even imagine.


This butterfly-shaped group of islands located in the Lesser Antilles is the yachting paradise that’s often overlooked. Jump between the two large islands, Basse Terre and Grande Terre to explore flourishing rainforests, quiet beaches and a plethora of boutiques and restaurants geared toward an affluent clientele.

African and European recipes meet traditional Caribbean cuisine in Guadeloupe, and no one does it better than the wildly popular La Touna and Iguana Cafe. Go for the adventurous food, but stay for the stunning waterfront views and friendly locals.

The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands — Home of the world-famous trade winds that connect the bustling US Virgin Islands with the jaw-droppingly gorgeous British Virgin Islands. This is where you’ll find world-class fishing, famous beach bars like the Soggy Dollar and the historic Foxy’s, floating restaurants like the notorious Willy T, and exquisite “eighth wonders” such as the Baths on Virgin Gorda. If you love island hopping with a new view every day then the Virgin Islands is your perfect yachting destination. The Virgin Islands are the top Caribbean yacht rental destination.

St. Barts

If you embarked on your yachting getaway for a trip dripping in luxury, St. Barts is the place you want to be. While the sheer opulence of the island and its visitors is everywhere you look, it’s not all Cadillacs and tins of caviar. St. Barts has an unfathomable natural beauty and rich history worth exploring on your visit.

Venture from ritzy waterfront resorts like Le Sereno to the natural pools of Grand Fond to experience St. Barts in all its glory. You’ll find it tough to pry away from your luxury yacht, especially when you’re surrounded by so many others enjoying their extravagant sanctuaries, but be sure to get a table at the indescribably swanky Villa Marie’s in St. Jean. This is the spot to hobnob with other chic travelers after a day of shopping at French-inspired supermarkets and luxe boutiques. When you find yourself exhausted from the expensive amenities on St. Barts, head to Anse des Flamands for a few hours of sunbathing in seclusion.

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