Of course! The menus you see on our website and brochures are there to give you an idea of what our chef can prepare. Use the sample menus as inspiration for the custom menu we’ll build using your preference sheet. No matter the yachting getaway you select, your private chef will design a custom menu around your taste preferences and dietary needs.

Inclusive and fully-crewed yachts have a set budget for means. For example, your charter may have a budget to serve lobster once. Anything beyond the budget will result in a surcharge. The chefs work around your tastes and preferences, so what’s served is completely up to you!

If Your Yacht is Larger…

The sky is the limit If you charter one of the larger yachts. The cost of provisions is packed into the provision allowance, so the budget for food and drinks is up to you. Every chef aboard our private yacht charters is hand-selected because of their talent. We’re confident you’ll be impressed by the dining aboard your boat.