FAQ Category: 2. Charter Types

From 30′ monohulls you captain yourself to 100-foot yacht charter and beyond to mega motor yachts, we have something to suit your group!


What is APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance)

Yachts in many areas are all “Plus expenses,” which means that on top of the charter fee (includes the boat, the crew, the furnishing, and toys onboard), you will pay..

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Can I get married on a yacht?

Weddings/registrar is for those who want to get married on the boat or ashore. Crews and charter brokers who do this will help you organize a wedding that all who..

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What are the types of Yacht Charters we can book?

Family Friendly Full Board Half Boat Captain Only Bareboat Cabin Only Booking Multi-Generation Honeymoon Anniversaries Sailing Regattas Corporate Retreats Partying Luxury Yachts Fishing Charters SCUBA Charters Foodie Yachts History Tours..

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What is a Partial Board or Half Board Charter?

A Partial Board Charter means that you agree to take a certain amount of your food and beverage meals ashore during the week. A Half Board is seven breakfasts on..

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What does “plus expenses” mean?

What does “plus expenses” mean? Rates for larger motor yachts don’t always include running expenses like food, dockage, and fuel. Instead of an upfront “all-inclusive” fee, the final step to..

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What’s a Captain-Only charter?

A Captain-Only Yacht Charter is where you charter a vessel, and it comes with a captain and sometimes a mate as well. The captain will be fully responsible for the..

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What is a Fully Crewed and all Inclusive Yacht Charter?

What is a Fully Crewed and all Inclusive Yacht Charter? The fully crewed and inclusive yacht charter originally came out of the Caribbean, and that is where you will still..

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Can we learn to dive aboard our charter?

Absolutely! Many of the yachts in our fleet offer SCUBA diving instruction from a certified crew member. If you aren’t certified, some boats provide “Resort Diving” — an onboard SCUBA..

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Is it wise to do a yacht charter with children or elderly?

Most boats do not have a minimum age limit on children, some ask for water-safe. Many parents find that it makes the perfect vacation to bond with the family. There..

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Are there Honeymoon charters?

We have boats that love taking honeymoon couples. They plan all sorts of romantic activities, including candlelit dinners, nighttime walks on the beach, champagne and chocolates, and lobster dinners. We..

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