Yachts in many areas are all “Plus expenses,” which means that on top of the charter fee (includes the boat, the crew, the furnishing, and toys onboard), you will pay all expenses.
All expenses include Fuel, Food, Beverages, Flowers, Garbage, Dockage, Moorings, Port Fees, and more.
You also pay VAT, which can be 12% to 24% of the charter fee or other local taxes.
We call the “plus expenses” APA, which is Advanced Provisioning Allowance, and can range anywhere between 20-40% of the charter fee depending on your food and wine tastes.
The percentage also changes in different areas of the world, depending on how expensive the items are, and type of yacht. Currently, fuel prices are high, so motor yachts can be 40% or even higher.
The yachts ask for that amount in the final payment, and then you receive accounting throughout the week. Any money left, you can put toward gratuity if you choose.
In the Caribbean is where you will find many of the sailing catamarans with a fully crewed and inclusive fee structure.

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