FAQ Category: Booking a Yacht Charter

In this faq section, we answer questions pertaining to booking a yacht charter. From payments to insurance, we discuss the ins and outs of booking your yacht charter


What is APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance)

Yachts in many areas are all “Plus expenses,” which means that on top of the charter fee (includes the boat, the crew, the furnishing, and toys onboard), you will pay..

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Will I get seasick aboard my luxury yacht charter?

Charter vessels under 100 feet in length can cause seasickness in some travelers. Bring any medications and take precautions if you know you’re prone to getting sick on the high..

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What happens if there’s a medical emergency aboard our yacht?

Great question. We can tell you to plan! If an accident happens while you’re abroad, your captain and crew are fully prepared to perform basic first aid and bring you..

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Should we use cash or credit while on charter?

Cash is king around most yachting hotspots. Your AmEx will undoubtedly go a long way in many mainland restaurants and shops, but not very far in the beach bars. Mastercard..

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What are the types of Yacht Charters we can book?

Family Friendly Full Board Half Boat Captain Only Bareboat Cabin Only Booking Multi-Generation Honeymoon Anniversaries Sailing Regattas Corporate Retreats Partying Luxury Yachts Fishing Charters SCUBA Charters Foodie Yachts History Tours..

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Do I need Travel Insurance for my yacht charter?

Travel and cancellation insurance is always a good idea as it will cover the portion you will NOT receive back! We work with Squaremouth (opens in a new browser) and can help..

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What happens if I have to cancel my yacht charter vacation?

We will immediately contact the yacht manager or clearinghouse and “open up the dates.” If the boat is rebooked for the same period and at the same rate, you receive..

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What happens to my yacht vacation money?

The boat gets a notice from their clearinghouse that they have a charter! The base charter fee will go into an escrow account. Ten days or longer out from the..

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How do I pay for my yacht vacation?

Everyone does things a bit differently, but generally by wire or electronic transfer. Some companies do take credit cards. H2O Luxury Yachts takes credit cards for the first 50% of..

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What and When are payments due to pay for my yacht vacation?

Upon getting the all clear that the dates you want are open and the rate is correct, you sign the contracts and make the deposit. Typically count on 50% down..

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