Great question. We can tell you to plan!
If an accident happens while abroad, your captain and crew are fully prepared to perform basic first aid and bring you to the nearest hospital. Your yacht has medical supplies and the contact info for local emergency services. Your superyacht has a dedicated medical officer aboard with advanced medical knowledge for even more peace of mind.
Even the most experienced travelers should occasionally brush up on travel insurance options. Traveling abroad often carries the risk that your medical insurance from home won’t cover you.

Medical Evacuation Insurance pays for emergency care and transportation. It can be purchased separately or as a part of your travel insurance policy.
Travel Health Insurance covers emergency and routine services while overseas. Find out if your health insurance provider offers emergency coverage abroad.
Travel Insurance varies significantly between providers. Read the fine print for coverage details (Medical transport back to the US, emergency care, duration of travel, etc.)
DAN is insurance specifically for SCUBA divers. It protects against unexpected expenses while traveling.

Travel insurance is always a good idea.
Basic insurance coverage ranges from four to eight percent, depending on your getaway of choice and the type of insurance required. In some cases, your yacht charter might require insurance.IE, if you are taking a yacht charter in the hurricane zone during hurricane season,
Inform the captain and crew of any pre-existing medical conditions. By giving your charter yacht a heads-up, they can prepare for any possible emergencies.
If you believe there’s any risk your condition may require treatment abroad, bring a letter from your doctor that details your condition and treatment plan. Another great idea is to note medical necessity in your purse or wallet.
Reach out to us at H2O Luxury Yachts, and we will be happy to put you in touch with a dedicated travel insurance provider who specializes in yacht charters.