Charter vessels under 100 feet in length can cause seasickness in some travelers. Bring any medications and take precautions if you know you’re prone to getting sick on the high seas. If you want to avoid the possibility altogether, opt for a multi-hulled catamaran or trimaran.
Megayachts 100+ feet in length generally use an active stabilizer system to avoid queasiness in its passengers. We can make sure you are booked on one of these yachts if you are worried about the possibility.
Many yachters use patches, ginger capsules or special bracelets to avoid sickness on the high seas.
We’re all about filling every minute of your getaway with adventure and relaxation — there’s just no time for sickness aboard your private yacht! Your crew knows how hard the first day can be, so they’ll plan the first day’s voyage to be as calm as possible.
Breeze Through the First Day Aboard Your Private Yacht
Go the extra mile to make sure you don’t instigate seasickness within the first 24 hours. Avoid books, screens and relaxing indoors. The best remedy when you feel queasy is fresh air and a view of the horizon line. Not hard to accomplish when you’re in paradise!
One of the countless reasons yacht charters are so popular is because they often venture to calm, beautiful locations. Wherever you choose to travel, our captain and crew will always find a relaxing anchorage to spend the night. Don’t mistake too many cocktails for a bout of seasickness! Either way, your crew will have a cure for both.