Absolutely! Many of the yachts in our fleet offer SCUBA diving instruction from a certified crew member. If you aren’t certified, some boats provide “Resort Diving” — an onboard SCUBA class that teaches all the basics you need to know before your first dive (maximum depth of 40’). This class If you’re interested in Resort Diving, let our team know ahead of time so we can pair you with the right charter. Your captain and crew will love to show you the best diving spots around your yachting destination if you’re SCUBA certified. If you’d like to become certified while on board, there are four simple steps:
Complete the online course (preferably before you board the yacht)
Complete the pool portion
Receive a referral letter
Complete five open water SCUBA dives with the instructor
Good news! All this is easily completed in a week on your charter.

While most of our charters do offer SCUBA, there’s a slim possibility it isn’t available for charters in your desired destination. If that’s the case, you still have options! Many locations have SCUBA instructors that can teach you aboard their boat then bring you back to the yacht afterward, called Rendez Vous Diving. Rendezvous Diving is incredibly common in the Caribbean and other diving hotspots. The other guests aboard the ship can relax at the anchorage while you explore underwater. Win, win.