Most boats do not have a minimum age limit on children, some ask for water-safe.
Many parents find that it makes the perfect vacation to bond with the family.
There are tons of activities for the kids both on the boat and ashore. Most ships have kid games and video games on board, fishing or movies are a popular evening past time.
The crews will often have some special activities planned each day. The children are your responsibility; some boats do offer nanny service where they will officially take care of the kids.
Unless the crew offer nanny services, then please do not expect them to be babysitters.
Some families bring along a nanny or an older relative child to purposely help watch over the young ones.
Multi-generation charters are popular, with the grandparents, parents, and kids having a wonderful bonding time.
If the elderly have mobility problems, then ask us about it. Many excellent boats are comfortable for the elderly to get around on. Some, however, have stairs, and these are generally quite steep. We do have Superyachts with elevators, so do bring your family and friends with you!