FAQ Category: 4. Cuisine & Beverage

In this cuisine & beverage FAQ section, we describe the food and drink options available on your yacht charter. From provisioning a bareboat to high-end cuisine aboard an all-inclusive yacht, this section will let you know everything you need to know about dining on charter.

We love the yacht but not the food/drink menu. Can we customize the menu?

Of course! The menus and brochures on our website give you an idea of what your chef can prepare. You can use the sample menus as inspiration for the custom..

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What is a preference sheet?

We will be sending you an appropriate food and beverage preference sheet to fill in before your charter. Your yacht crew will provision the boat as best can from your..

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Can we catch fish and lobster aboard our yacht?

Catch fish and Lobster We love adventurous travelers like you! Chat with the H2O Luxury Yachts travel pros before booking your getaway so we can pair you with a yacht..

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Can the charter chef work around dietary restrictions?

The Charter Chef can work around dietary restrictions on MOST yachts. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or anything in between, the crew will cater to your dietary specifications. We can also..

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Can we customize the yacht charter menu?

Of course! The menus you see on our website and brochures are there to give you an idea of what our chefs can prepare. Use the sample menus as inspiration..

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How do I provision the boat?

You have two choices here. Either you can do it yourself, or the Bareboat company can do it for you. If you get the company to do it, they will..

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