You have two choices here. Either you can do it yourself, or the Bareboat company can do it for you. If you get the company to do it, they will send you an email of what’s available. You tick off what you want, and they get it and put it onto the boat for your arrival. There is, of course, a fee for this service.
If you choose to provision yourself, you still have options if you are bareboating in the Caribbean or elsewhere. We send you the contact information to the major suppliers.
You can go to their website and place an order.
It will be delivered free of charge to your boat. Provisioners typically give a small percentage discount on your order.
Of course, the other option is to provision yourself. Provisioning does take some time and effort, but for many, it’s the best option. Ask yourself whether it is worth it to spend a day of your vacation provisioning.
When you are sleeping aboard your yacht charter the night before, it often makes sense.
Generally, most will buy too many provisions. You’re not likely to take any leftovers home. You will probably have more unplanned food ashore than you thought you were, so stock up on snacks and remember that you can top up on provisions as you go along.