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In this FAQ section, we answer all your bareboating questions! We know the Caribbean better than any yacht broker and can help book you an amazing bareboat vacation!


Bareboat Briefing- H2O Suggestions

We have gathered up a few tips here from around the internet, which you may find helpful to share with your crew members when you get on board. With everything..

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Avoiding Boat Damage while Bareboating

The most common causes of property damage are: * Docking accidents and hard docking the boat. Usually involves fiberglass dings (or worse) or possible damage to a rub rail. *..

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Personal Safety Discomfort Issues while Bareboating

The most common personal safety/discomfort things to watch out for when sailing are: * Sunburn * Drinking enough. You will be sweating more than usual. You need to drink plenty..

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What should I pack for a bareboat charter?

What should I pack for a bareboat charter? When thinking about what you pack for a bareboat charter consider it a hotel room suite with kitchen facilities and you will..

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Can I rent a boat on my own?

No unfortunately, as great an idea as it sounds to get some inspiration to write that novel. All companies require at least 2 persons on board.

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Can I bring my pet with me?

Nope, no company allows it. There are some crewed yachts that will allow small breed dogs and cats. send us an email and we can point you in the right..

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What is the fuel policy with bareboats?

With all power yachts and most sail yachts, you start with a full diesel tank and have to refill it before you return the boat. Moorings sail yachts are an..

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Can I brew coffee onboard?

Yes. If the yacht does not have a generator or inverter large enough to support an electric coffee maker then a stovetop model will be on board. Read more FAQ..

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Can I Scuba Dive while bareboating?

There are a few options for scuba diving while on charter. You can have us organize rental gear for you, tell us what you need and it will all be..

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Are there women only bareboat charters?

Many charters are all about getting together with old friends. Often this is all the guys, but it is also sometimes just the girls. There is no reason at all..

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