The most common causes of property damage are:
* Docking accidents and hard docking the boat. Usually involves fiberglass dings (or worse) or possible damage to a rub rail.
* Grounding the boat
* Wrapping a line in the prop. Multiple ways to do this, but most common is running over the dingy line while backing up because you didn’t bring the dinghy up short during mooring/anchoring/docking.
* Sucking up a line or debris into the bow thruster
* Hitting rocks/coral with the dinghy or dinghy outboard prop
* Swamping the dinghy while attempting to beach it in the surf
* Having an agenda instead of intentions. You should never have a set sail agenda because that makes you less likely to take into account the weather/boat/crew conditions, and you try to force something to happen that would not otherwise.
If conditions are not favorable, then a day at anchorage is a perfectly fine place to be.