Read about our exciting six-day summer voyage on the Mariah Princess III in the mesmerizing Grenadines!

Mariah Princess III in the Grenadines!

The H2O team embarked on a voyage aboard the Mariah Princess III, navigating through the captivating landscapes of St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

We’re eager to bring you up to date on our adventure!

The crew, itinerary, and culinary experiences all contribute significantly to shaping the ideal vacation, and I must say, on this particular journey, Mariah Princess truly exceeded all expectations!

Petit Nevis
Crew on Mariah Princess III

Idyllic Anchorages with Mariah Princess III!

Before the charter, we stayed at Blue Lagoon Resort on St. Vincent with rooms overlooking Blue Lagoon Marina where we went onboard Mariah Princess III.

Blue Lagoon Marina


Day 1

Departing from St. Vincent, we headed towards Questelles Beach.

Here we nestled for the night in a tranquil corner slightly north of Blue Lagoon, creating a peaceful ambiance for our first evening.

Questelles Grenadines

Day 2

We proceeded to Tobago Cays, where an abundance of turtles greeted our gaze from every direction.

Embracing the opportunity provided by the exceptionally clear waters, we indulged in ideal snorkeling conditions.

Tobago Cays with Mariah Princess III

Day 3

Continuing our journey, we set our course for Petit Nevis!

This charming little island situated off the shores of Bequia proved to be a delightful haven for snorkeling enthusiasts.

Petit Nevis

Day 4 

Next was Princess Margaret Beach on Bequia. We enjoyed a water walk, shopping in town, and an island tour.

Coco’s place was a must for a traditional Grenadian meal.

Coco's on Mustique

Day 5

On Mustique, we stopped for lunch at Basil’s followed by shopping and an island tour to check out Mick Jager’s and Bryan Adam’s homes on island.

We ended our night by fishing alongside a setting sun.


Day 6

We spent our last day at gorgeous Cumberland Beach on St. Vincent. We had the bay all to ourselves!

While snorkeling, we saw crabs, lobster, octopus, spotted eels, and beautiful coral. 

Cumberland Beach

Chef with Mariah Princess III


LAGOON 77 | 8 PAX | 2020

All Inclusive $77,000-$80,000 for 7 nights

Current special of $70,000 for up to 8 guests for 7 nights fully crewed and inclusive!

For the Winter 2023 Season, Mariah Princess III will be sailing in the BVI.

SXM, Antigua, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines are also available upon approval. 

For Spring/Summer 2024, Southern Exumas and Turks & Caicos may be available upon approval.


Kerry Hucul

Managing Director

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Kerry Hucul of H2O Luxury Yachts