Watch Out for Contract Pirates!

When you think of pirates, you might picture swashbuckling adventurers from the past. But today, pirates have taken on a different form. They’re lurking online, posing as legitimate yacht charter brokers, aiming to deceive unsuspecting travelers. While the age of traditional piracy may be behind us, the threat still exists in the digital world.

We’ve noticed some individuals and charter companies using outdated paper contracts, which can lead to confusion and potential risks for travelers.

Only a CYBA, AYCA or MYBA E-Contract is recognized as a legitimate yacht charter contract. Crafted by maritime lawyers, these contracts are tailored for all-inclusive or plus all expenses charters on fully crewed yachts. They’re adaptable for various types of charters worldwide, ensuring clarity and protection for everyone involved. Most importantly, you the consumer!

Feel secure with us for your charter bookings!

At H2O Luxury Yachts, your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. We’re proud members of CYBA, the Charter Yacht Brokers Association, as well as the BVI Yacht Charter Society, IYBA, and VIPCA. We exclusively use official contracts validated by CYBA or MYBA, demonstrating our commitment to professionalism and integrity. 

Protect Your Investment!

Ensure your charter contract is legitimate by verifying it with our serial number validation system. By checking the serial number and date on your contract, you can confirm its validity as a CYBA or MYBA E-Contract.

Validate Your Contract:

CYBA Serial Number Validator:

MYBA Serial Number Validator:

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a contract, don’t hesitate to contact CYBA or MYBA directly.

Please Note:

Access to CYBA or MYBA E-Contract subscription is restricted to retail charter brokers, charter managers, and stakeholders. Captains and crews currently serving on charter yachts are not eligible.

Requirements for Yacht Charter Brokers:

  • Local/state business or trade license
  • References from clearinghouses or CYBA MYBA members, along with demonstrated knowledge of the industry.
  • Proof of attending the required number of Yacht Charter Shows per year
  • Proof of E&O/professional indemnity at a substantial dollar amount for each booking, not just a sum per year.
  • Current and in good standing subscription to MYBA or AYCA E-Contract.

Requirements for Yacht Management Offices & Central Agents:

  • Proof of LLC/Corporate documents
  • Local/state business or trade license
  • Proof of E&O/professional indemnity
  • ADM approval for brokers to use CYBA Escrow account
  • Current and in good standing subscription to MYBA or AYCA E-Contract

About Yacht Brokers  H2O Luxury Yachts

Our team of Charter Manager Kerry Hucul, Charter Broker  Kara Von Behren, Ken Heare along with Charter Assistant Meghan Ferguson, with Marine Engineer and all-around knowledge of everything water-related Bazza Cooper are standing by. 

Kerry and Bazza live in the British Virgins Islands along with time spent in Florida and Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada.

Kerry spends the month of May in Greece to allow her to visit the yachts there and she attends the yearly yacht shows in Antigua, Greece, Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Florida to view hundreds of yachts for charter.

Shout out to Randy and Shelly Tucker for allowing me to use the outline of their blog post!