A St. Martin Yacht Itinerary has the opportunity to take in Anguilla and St Barts. Two of the most frequently asked for destinations in the Caribbean. A yacht charter itinerary for culturally rich St Martin/Sint Maarten and St. Bart offers great nightlife, diving, snorkeling, and great food options for the provisioning and shore side. St. Barts one of our all-time favorite islands – great food, great shops, and so French!

Maho Bay, St Martin Charter Itinerary, H2O Luxury Yachts
Maho Bay, St Martin

Suggested itinerary for St. Martin Yacht Charters

This itinerary focuses on the high-end destinations of Anguilla and St Barts.

  • Day 1- Marigot Bay, St. Martin
  • Day 2- Road Bay, Anguilla
  • Day 3- Crocus Bay, Anguilla
  • Day 4- Ile Pinel, St. Martin
  • Day 5- Gustavia, St. Barts
  • Day 6- Anse de Colombier, St. Barts
  •  Day 7- Sint Maarten
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St Martin

St Martin/Sint Maarten is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Many beaches to dig your toes into, the island of Saint Martin is alive with natural, cultural, and human riches. With a wonderful climate and untouched, natural heritage, the island offers year-round outdoor activities on land and water alike. St Martin is the French Side, and Sint Maarten is the Dutch side! Princess Juliana airport is conveniently located on the Dutch Side. And anchoring off Philipsburg will give you all the duty-free shopping your heart can desire. While you are waiting to board your yacht charter, make sure you stop at Le Croissante Royale

St Martin Charter Itinerary. Girl on the Beach with Champagne, H2O Luxury Yachts
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Beautiful Anguilla

Anguilla is everything you think of a Caribbean island “ beautiful white sand beaches, clear waters, scenic bays, breezes, and palm trees.” And a slow-paced atmosphere dominates the island. There are many things to do while visiting Anguilla, horseback riding, beaches, beach bars, snorkeling, and diving. Originally named Malliouhana, meaning arrow-shaped sea serpent, the island was renamed Anguilla by the Europeans, for its long eel shape.  Road Bay ( also called Sandy Ground) is as bustling as it gets on Anguilla. And that is pretty quiet. There are some art galleries and a bit of souvenir shopping to exploring here. The entire island has over 30 beaches of white, beautiful soft sand. There are also numerous deserted small cays and secret coves. Lucky you, the only way to get to these places is by boat! What to do in 24 hours on Anguilla

St Martin Charter Itinerary taking in Anguilla
Rocks and Beaches in Anguilla

With a protected harbor and fabulous swimming and snorkeling, Crocus Bay is where the French invaded the island in 1745. And Anguilla spent a short time only as a French Colonial Island. Now, Independent, Proud and Friendly people you will find everywhere here. Now it is time to start heading toward St Barts; after a relaxing sail, your yacht can pull up to the Nature Reserve of Ile Pinel to spend the night.

Anguillas Beaches
Anguillas Beaches

Saint Barthelemy

Saint Barthelemy or St Bart, named for Columbus brother, is curved around the end of a headland on the island’s extreme northwestern edge. You will always find this turquoise-blue bay sprinkled with yachts. Hidden away between the rocky hills on the southern coast of the island, Grande Saline is one of St Bart’s most secluded stretches of beaches. Gustavia is often described as the jewel in the Caribbean, and one cannot argue with that. Beautifully clean, with french citizens zipping around on scooters everywhere. The history, culture, and ambiance ooze out of this island. Whether your superyacht ties up stern too on the seawall or your catamaran captain dinghies you into shore, you will feel like you are in the South of France. Spend your time strolling these amazing streets. Stop for a baguette or seafood, shop in the boutiques and galleries that line the streets. This is a welcome dash of culture once you have spent a couple of days on the beach of Anguilla and need a bit of civilization.

St Barts on your St Martin Charter Itinerary
Overlooking Gustavia in St Barts

Anse De Colombier, St Barts

I am not sure how your St. Martin Yacht Itinerary may be almost finished, but seven nights does go quickly. A secluded beach, with no road leading to it. The Rockefellers purchased a large plot of land here in the 1960s, which is still standing, and there is a path too. The snorkeling can be excellent here with large orange starfish appearing by the thousands at certain times of the year.

St Martin Yacht Itinerary Anse de Colombier St Barts, H2O Luxury yachts
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