Step aboard the Lagoon 620 luxury edition Catamaran Heavenly and you’ll quickly realize why she lives up to her name!

From the moment you board Heavenly you know you’re in for an unforgettable treat. Nick and Amy on Catamaran Heavenly KNOW how to bring the fun!

Based in the Virgin Islands, Catamaran Heavenly sleeps up to 8 guests in 4 beautiful queen cabins. Each cabin on Heavenly ensures your comfort with queen-sized beds, private baths featuring dedicated shower stalls, flatscreen TVs, and a Fusion stereo system with central and individual cabin control. 

With no shortage of activities from water sports to socializing or simply unwinding with a good book, guests are guaranteed an amazing week aboard Heavenly!

Catamaran Heavenly

Catamaran Heavenly Guest Review

Christmas 2023

Dear Nick & Amy – 

After reading through the earlier entries it’s clear that you love what you do, love each other and leave an incredible impact on everyone lucky enough to spend time with you. 

This week was such a treat literally!

Amy – Your excitement is contagious and the care and thought you pour into each meal is incredible. You also brought that care into making sure a seasick Zarin was comfortable which meant the world.

Nick – Thank you for pushing us into the night snorkel! I loved it and am so glad the Kraken didn’t appear! Watching you tube the kids around and always making sure they felt included with their mocktails was so thoughtful! 

You both made our holiday so magical! I’ll take a winter in the BVI any day! 

Mocko Jumbies at Leverick Bay. Catamaran Heavenly

Thank you Catamaran Heavenly! May you have a wonderful season ahead! 

My highlights

  • Neil breaking the bench in Anegada.
  • Christmas movies – Bad Santa 🙂 
  • Pictionary nights 
  • Night Snorkelling 
  • Mike finding his turtles
  • Kids mocktails 
  • Nick’s bartending
  • Amy’s – well anything she appears with!


Heavenly yacht guests renting mokes in Anegada

Hey Nick & Amy:

Thank you for such a great Christmas 2023 week! You guys are so very personable, gracious, and accommodating for the “adults” and kids. We’ve done Catamarans before and you two set the bar. THE BEST!

We thank Catamaran Heavenly for making our holiday so memorable!

The trip tracks we took were beautiful and only matched by the amazing displays of mouth-watering food every time we sat down for a meal.

Special thanks for making sure the kids felt equally important when it came to cocktail time. Very much appreciated.

Cheers to the old and new friendships built upon this week! 

Catamaran Heavenly guests at Anegada

Heavenly Crew

Nick & Amy of Catamaran Heavenly

Celebrating Excellence at the Boat Show! Chef Amy Cann Secures 1st Place for Best Cocktail at VIPCA YACHT SHOW 2021!

Nick and Amy’s Journey: Nick and Amy’s love story began in 2015 aboard the Alaskan Dream, where they instantly clicked. In the following three adventurous years, they explored South and Central America, India, Thailand, and even embarked on motorcycle journeys through Laos and Vietnam.

In 2018, when they decided to purchase their sailboat, Amy swiftly adapted to the cruising lifestyle, advocating for the “head south when the dock lines freeze” philosophy. Upon reaching the islands, Amy fully embraced sailing life, utilizing her skills as a world-class bartender and exceptional cook to create unforgettable moments with both new and old friends.

Infusing locally sourced fruits and rums into her cocktails and occasionally indulging in fresh lobster caught from the sea, Amy blended her culinary techniques from around the world to host extraordinary dinner parties.

Water Toys

Jumping off Willy T's floating Bar

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