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Chartering a crewed yacht is one of the most luxurious and exciting ways to
experience the world. That’s because you’re not just sailing; you’re traveling in style and comfort.

Aeolus sailing Catamaran

If you’ve never chartered a boat before, here are six
reasons why it might be worth exploring:

1. The ability to take as many friends and family members as you want on your journey
2. There are no set departure times; if we don’t feel like leaving until noon, then that’s what we do
3. You can decide how long your trip will be
4. You can eat what you want when you want
5. It’s easy to unwind on board
6. Your crew will guarantee that everything goes smoothly.

The ability to take as many friends and family members as you want on your crewed yacht journey

One of the best reasons to charter a boat is that you can bring as many friends and family members with you as you want. If you have a large family,it’s easy and affordable.

We have charter yachts in different locations that can accomodate dozens of guests for your own private family reunion. Equally, if you are only 2 or 4 guests we can find a yacht that easily fits as well!

It’s also a great way for friends to enjoy some time together in one of the most relaxing settings possible.

Massages on Aeolus

There are no set departure times; if we don’t feel like leaving until noon, then that's what we do

One of the most appealing elements of chartering a yacht is the ability to decide what you want to do. If we don’t feel like leaving until noon after a big night out, then that’s what we do, and it’s no problem.

You can also decide how long you want your trip to last, whether it’s long weekend or a
weeklong trip–or even take off on a 2-week journey. This means that you get to control your own voyage and end up exactly where you want to be with no one else in charge.

Aeolus catamaran

You can decide how long your crewed yacht vacation will be

Everyone has different schedules today. Coordinating with friends and family members might be challenging when booking a cruise line. But when you charter a crewed yacht, there are no set departure times.

You can decide when to leave, so it will be easy for everyone in your group to plan accordingly. Crewed Yacht Charters don’t just go from Saturday to Saturday.

Depending on the yachts
calendar, they can be booked starting ANY day of the week you want.

You can eat what you want when you want

Jans Felion Vegetarian 

Forget about feeling hungry because on board a catamaran, you can enjoy all the food you want. Seriously, your crew will do everything from making breakfast to cooking dinner for you.

 What’s cool is that your meals are all included in the cost of your charter. The cuisine onboard generally will put any restaurant to shame on land, and cocktails and hor oeuvres watching the sunset are avidly looked forward to by everyone. 

Your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we provide a preference sheet for you to fill out in advance. This helps our crew tailor the perfect meals for your week, ensuring that dietary preferences such as Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, and Light Kosher are well accommodated.
But we have Captain Only Charter Yachts if you still want to cook!

It's easy to unwind on board

After Irma Band on AeolusOn a crewed yacht, it’s easy to unwind because you’re in an entirely new world. You’re not surrounded by the hustle and bustle of other people or constantly checking your watch or phone for updates.

You can just enjoy the views and the company of those around you.

Want to sit in the cockpit with a glass of wine in your hand and a book while everyone else is snorkeling? No problem! You can glance up and see your grandchildren having fun. Additionally, if you want to stay up later watching the stars laying on the trampolines you can easily do so without feeling like you’re inconveniencing anyone else.

And while we won’t judge if you want to set sail at noon, we think it’s worth getting an early start on your day.

Your crew will guarantee that everything goes smoothly

Game day on Aeolus

Definitely. Your crew is pros. They know how to do 100 different jobs combined into one effortless seamless flow to ensure you experience everything you ever dreamed of on your yacht vacation.

The crews know the islands like the back of their hands. They have years of culinary training and experience cooking in those pocket-sized galleys and you will be impressed with what comes out for cuisine.

You will find no better presentation around. Their repertoire of Cocktails is seemingly unending.

They can accompany you snorkeling, take you hiking, have sparkling conversations, and still do everything that is required to many the small floating city that is your
charter yacht.

You will want to take them home. Always.

This group of pictures came from a recent charter we had on Aeolus Catamaran. 

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We have over 20 years of running and booking charters and can arrange the perfect yacht charter! 

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