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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions- after 20 years we offer the most detailed and succinct Yacht FAQ available on the web

Getting to Your Yacht in the British Virgin Islands

Let H2O Luxury Yachts Book your Water taxi along with your charter in the British Virgin Islands. We take care of all the hassle! Between $200 to $500 per person..

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SCUBA Diving British Virgin Islands

Scuba divers have plenty of choices if they are looking to add some diving to their yacht charter vacation! You don’t even have to bring your dive gear with you since many of the yacht charters that offer SCUBA diving have an assortment of SCUBA equipment on board. Most will have a professional dive master if not an Instructor. These SCUBA professionals will take you “resort diving” or certify you.

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Six Reasons to Consider Chartering a Crewed Yacht.

Crewed Yacht Catamaran Charters Chartering a crewed yacht is one of the most luxurious and exciting ways to experience the world. That’s because you’re not just sailing; you’re traveling in style..

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