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Captain | Scott Duncan | American
Captain Scott is from Florida. At a young age he was introduced to the life of competitive swimming, which carried on through University. He naturally molded his hobbies around the water, spending much of his leisure time fishing, free diving, surfing, and boating. After college Scott spent four years in the US Coast Guard as a coxswain. He was stationed at a Search and Rescue unit in Key West and then transferred to Grand Isle, Louisiana to assist during the BP oil spill in the Gulf. His Coast Guard experience led to a career in yachting. Scott has been a Yacht Officer and Captain since 2013. During his career he has crossed the Atlantic eight times and has spent most of his career in the Bahamas, Caribbean, New England, Pacific coast of Central America north to Alaska, and the Western Mediterranean.

Chief Stewardess | Amanda Jordan | South African
Amanda was raised on a wine farm in the picturesque town of Stellenbosch. Situated in Cape Town. Amanda began working in the entertainment industry gaining a talent for coordinating large international events. Amanda was among the top coordinators of the massive international Red Bull Downhill Challenge. Gaining recognition from several successful events Amanda was honored with the role of hosting a dinner for Nelson Mandela plus 500 distinguished guests on Robben Island.
Amanda’s successes in high end hospitality have brought her around the world. Amanda grew great confidence and developed an exceptional management style during her time spent as the manager of a family run guesthouse in Cornwall UK, and from an Au pair in Switzerland where she impressed guests from all over the world.
In 2020 Amanda decided to bring her proven management style and love for hospitality into the yachting industry. Amanda has excelled, in the yachting industry. She has managed interior yacht teams in the Mediterranean and now she is bringing this passion and expertise to the Bahamas and Caribbean. Amanda is armed with a passion for the water, an exquisite eye for detail and impeccable work ethic, she enjoys creating the perfect setting for every occasion. Amanda is always on hand wearing a big smile and together with the interior team will ensure that every aspect of your stay onboard MY Lady H is an unforgettable one.

First Mate | Luke Benford |British
Luke Grew up on the sunny south coast of England in a town called Lymington. Luke spent a number of years growing up on the golf course where he pursued to make it as a professional. At the age of 19 he went back to college to study a sports degree and upon graduation Luke took on a teaching position for children of all ages in schools. A few years into his teaching career Luke made the decision of moving his career to the ocean and began his path into the Yacht industry and quickly found that this was his passion. Luke started as a deckhand and has since worked his way up the ranks to First Officer. Throughout Luke’s yachting career he has worked on yachts ranging from 35 to 80 meters from the Mediterranean, US, South and Central America, and the Caribbean. In his spare time Luke enjoys playing golf, football, being out on the Jet skis and doing some tubing, and flying his drone to capture some great birds eye pictures.

Chef | Dominique Van Der West | South African
Dominique is a native of South Africa, spending her youth growing up in the beautiful city of Cape Town. This Southwestern region of the country has a very internationally diverse culinary influence. Dominique’s mother and grandmother both have a talent in the culinary blending and paring of flavors, a common art form found in Cape Town. Dominique embraced this family and regional culinary tradition at an early age. She relished the moments spent learning from her mother and grandmother and the love and comfort which these moments would give her.
Dominique chose to expand her studies in the culinary arts. With her education and natural talent she rapidly gained a wealth of knowledge and notoriety due to her immense passion for her skill, thus allowing her to move quickly up the ranks of the competitive industry she enjoyed so much. Early in her career Dominique was fortunate enough to work under highly talented chefs while employed at the most prestigious restaurants in Cape Town prior to making her move into the private sector.
For the last eight years Dominique has continued to improve upon her culinary talents while working as a chef in the yachting industry. This challenging yet rewarding career path has opened Dominique’s ability to see firsthand the culinary styles and techniques from around the world. For the last eight years, as a yacht chef, Dominique has traveled and lived along the French Riviera, Spain, Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, Greece, United States, the Caribbean Islands, and everywhere in between. This industry allows for an already talented chef to continue to gain knowledge and inspiration from the local cuisine and flavors. Dominique’s hobbies include sketching, beach days, cocktails, and dining out in search of culinary inspiration.

Engineer | Fareed Andam | Ghanan
Fareed Andam has been in the maritime industry for several years. He started his career working on commercial vessels before diverted into the yachting industry. Fareed is from the beautiful city of Agona Odoben in central Ghana. He has travelled the globe and has navigated the Mediterranean Sea, both the Atlantic and Pacific side of the Americas, and the Indian Ocean from Asian to Africa. Fareed’s favorite travel destinations are off the beaten track with locations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and France. He is a fan of beach soccer and volleyball, playing with different nationals and learning different cultures.

Deckhand | Matthew Meintjes | South African
Need some fishing tips? Matt is your guy! It’s no surprise that a career in yachting is suitable. Whether there is a line in the water or not, Matt always has a contagious smile plastered from ear to ear. He is there when you are in need of a helping hand and is always up for an adventure. Mathew was born and raised in South Africa, from the beautiful coastal city of Durban. His dream is to travel the world and indulge in different cultures and traditions, in his spare time Matt enjoys being outdoors either fishing or hitting up the beach body boarding.

2nd Stewardess | Jade Van Schoor | South African
The always smiling Jade van Schoor was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Growing up her family spent most of their time on the beach where her passion for sailing sprouted. Her hobbies include anything outdoors, from water sports to hiking, yoga and even rock-climbing. Her first job was in the corporate environment and that’s when she decided to go on her biggest adventure and joined the yachting industry where she has fallen in love with the boat life. After two seasons in the Mediterranean, she is eager to explore the Caribbean. At heart Jade is very friendly and loyal and her family are the most important part of her life.

Motor Sailers
Year Built:
121.00 Ft
8.18 Metres
2.26 Metres

Boat Details
Double Cabins:
Twin Cabins:

Engine Details

2 x MTU 12v 2000 M91

Cruising Speed:
Max Speed:
15 US Gall/Hr

Winter Area:
Summer Area:
W. Med -Naples/Sicily, W. Med -Riviera/Cors/Sard., Croatia
Gay Charters:
Crew Smokes:
Sea Bob:
Sea Scooter:

Other Toys:

-Nautic Star 28 Foot Twin Out Board 300 HP Towed 12 Guest
-Williams Diesel Jet Inboard Engine 8 Guest
-2x Paddle Boards Inflatable
-2x Inflatable Kayaks
-Wake Board with Different Foot Sizes
-Waterski (Mono Ski)
– Inflatable Towing Toys Varied (tubes, Disc One and Two Person)
-2x Sea Bobs

*Rendezvous Diving Only*

No rates details available.

(15 December -30 April)
(1 May - 14 December)
W. Med -Naples/Sicily, W. Med -Riviera/Cors/Sard., Croatia


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