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Danilo Gardi
Italian | American
Captain Danilo Gardi is a skilled mariner with a lifelong connection to the sea, as reflected by his journey onboard Motor Yacht EQUINOX X. Originally hailing from Italy and now a proud United States citizen, Danilo’s love for the ocean was kindled during his youth, spent cruising the Mediterranean with his father. His maritime passion led him to the Italian Naval Academy, where he distinguished himself, earning top honours in his class.

In the Italian Navy, Danilo’s diverse skills shone through. From playing piano in the orchestra to specialized training in special operations and combat helicopter piloting, his journey took an extraordinary turn in 1978 when he volunteered for extraction missions, rescuing 126 American POWs from Vietnam. Post-military service, he followed in his father’s footsteps, embarking on a career as a professional race car driver, engine developer, and LeMans-style prototype car designer. As a certified engine rebuilder for Ferrari and Lamborghini, Danilo has contributed to the development of some of the most winning race cars.

Driven by a passion for technological innovation, particularly in electronics, Danilo transitioned into developing alternative fuel systems for combustion engines. His expertise in this field has been harnessed by both government and private industries, advancing the use of alternative fuels such as Methane, Propane, Ethane, Hydrogen, and Dimethyl Ether.

Beyond his multifaceted engineering career, Captain Danilo Gardi finds immense joy in being the master of EQUINOX X. He also shares his love for cuisine and piano music with charter guests. Danilo’s presence on board ensures a seamless blend of maritime expertise, engineering innovation, and a touch of culinary and musical enchantment for an unparalleled luxury charter experience.

Simona Gardi
Italian | American
Simona Gardi, the Chief Stewardess aboard Motor Yacht EQUINOX X, personifies the saying, “Behind every great Captain is an even Greater Woman.” Her role as the guardian of “quality control” goes beyond conventional stewardess duties, ensuring that each guest is embraced with a personalized, familial touch. In addition to her responsibilities, Simona’s culinary prowess is a highlight, treating guests to her homemade pasta and the finest Tiramisu, transforming meals into unforgettable experiences. Her approach to hospitality is characterized by a perfect blend of warmth and professionalism, creating an atmosphere where guests feel not just welcomed but truly at home.

Beyond the yacht’s luxurious confines, Simona indulges in her passions. Her green thumb transforms EQUINOX X into a floating garden with carefully nurtured orchids. In her artistic pursuits, she crafts unique pieces from driftwood, adding her creative touch to the yacht’s ambience. Simona Gardi is not merely the Chief Stewardess; she is the orchestrator of unforgettable moments, turning each charter into a seamless blend of luxury, personal connection, and culinary delights.

Akeem Young
Hailing from Nassau, Bahamas, Akeem’s dedication to safeguarding the territorial integrity of the Bahamas is rooted in his six years of service with the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. During this time, he served aboard a Harbour Patrol Unit and a 56-meter cargo vessel, earning him a reputation for diligence and commitment.

Akeem’s connection to the sea traces back to his childhood when he discovered his passion for all things nautical. Days spent island hopping on ferries and fishing trips in the breathtaking waters of the Bahamas fueled his love for the maritime world. After proudly serving his country, he seamlessly transitioned into a career in the yachting industry, where his unique blend of military discipline and genuine love for the sea shines through.

Currently holding a 200-ton Yacht Masters license, Akeem is on a continuous journey of self-improvement, pursuing a 500-ton upgrade to further enhance his maritime expertise. His lifelong familiarity with the Bahamas provides EQUINOX X and its guests with a distinctive advantage—local knowledge that sets the yacht apart. Akeem takes immense joy in sharing his love for the islands he calls home, ensuring that guests have a truly memorable experience both on board and in the pristine surroundings. For those with a passion for fishing, Akeem is not just a skilled deckhand but a valuable source of insider tips on the best spots to cast a line and reel in the catch of the day.

Giuseppe Morabito
Giuseppe Morabito, the culinary maestro aboard Motor Yacht EQUINOX X, brings a rich culinary history from being the Owner and Chef of the renowned Patria Restaurant in Bologna, Italy. A long-time friend of Captain Danilo Gardi, Giuseppe’s entry into the yachting world was serendipitous. Having sold his restaurant and eager for new adventures, he accepted the offer to be the Chef on EQUINOX X. His motivation lies in elevating the quality of the menu offered to guests, a task he undertakes with honor and excitement.

His previous clients include celebrities, politicians, and actors, attesting to his high-end and challenging culinary experiences.. Giuseppe’s approach to creating menus for diverse preferences involves absolute dedication to guest requests, dietary needs, and allergies. While emphasizing a REAL Italian Gourmet Cuisine experience, he also caters to international cuisine for special requests.

His commitment to delivering exceptional cuisine is exemplified by past experiences, such as cooking with improvised ovens in Tunisia.

Giuseppe’s favourite cuisines to prepare on EQUINOX X are traditional, be it Italian or international. His signature dish, “Morabito per Cannibali” (Morabito for Cannibals), a prime raw filet tartare with a secret spice combination, reflects his creativity. Influenced by the belief that excellent food brings pleasure and comfort, Giuseppe aims to generate unforgettable memories through his dishes.

To ensure the freshest ingredients, Giuseppe imports goods directly from Italy, creating pasta, ravioli, tortellini, and potato gnocchi from scratch aboard. He maintains creativity and innovation by relying on the quality and uniqueness of his food.

Giuseppe believes successful yacht chefs should possess problem-solving skills, adaptability to different environments, and a respect for culinary culture. His advice for aspiring yacht chefs is rooted in creativity, fantasy, improvisation, and a spirit of adventure.

Giuseppe dreams of dining at Diana Restaurant in Bologna, ordering Woronoff Filet with roasted potatoes “All Emiliana” and a French baguette, accompanied by a bottle of 2022 Raboso wine.

On off days, Giuseppe enjoys a Bloody Mary with a board of Italian charcuteries and fresh-made Tuscany bread. His favourite chef is Antonino Canavacciuolo, a chef known for his extreme creativity and humour while cooking.

Power Yachts
Cheoy Lee
Year Built:
81.00 Ft
21 Feet
5.7 Feet

Boat Details
Twin Cabins:

Engine Details
Fuel Consumption:

Winter Area:
Summer Area:
Internet Access:
Onboard WIFI

Other Amenities:

Flat Screen Tv’s in all Staterooms, Aft deck, Upper deck, Salon, and Bridge. Stabilized Satellite dish, 4 receivers with Direct TV Platinum Programming including all Sport channels.

TV is available in the Saloon, Aft Deck, Bridge and Master Cabin.
New SMART TVs in Master and Twin guest cabins with access to large network based film collection
Updated surround sound in the Saloon, aft deck and upper deck, play any music any where (Bluetooth, headphone jack, youtube, spotify)

Other Toys:

16′ Venture “Tuxedo 70 HP
Floating Mats
Floating Island
Beach Games
Paddle Boards
Towable Tube
Snorkel Gear

Fishing Gear:
Fishing Equipment – 4 Trolling Rods, 2 Starfish, 2 Penn, 4 Shimano Reels, 2 TLD 20, 2 TLD 25, 2 Spinning Rods

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