The majority of the time with a professional crew, they will have already arranged bait and tackle to be on board.
There are a few places where you can get gear if you are in the British Virgin Islands chartering. Richardson’s Rigging- This is a place that looks like a small house on the waterfront opposite the ferry dock in Tortola.
If you are standing at the ferry terminal, it’s on the other side of the road and a few houses to the left. They have the largest selection of tackle and bait in the BVI. They have frozen squid, ballyhoo, both rigged and unrigged, shrimp, herring, and other small baitfish. Be warned though, as these are not Kmart prices.
BVI Watertoys rents out fishing poles and gear.
At Hog Bay marina, there are Sail Caribbean Divers who will also rent you poles.
At Harbor view marina in the East end, there is a chandlery that has a small selection of gear.
All the large grocery stores have squid and ballyhoo for sale, and these are by far the cheapest place to buy bait. With these accommodations, you’ll be eating your fish in no time!
If you are out in an anchorage and want to fish, a bit of raw chicken or steak on a hook on the bottom will usually get you some small baitfish that you can use as cut baits.
Silverside and needlefish are easily caught with a scoop net at night, with some lights shining in the water.
If you like to fish with the proper gear, have your favorite equipment or want to troll lures, the best thing is to bring them from home. Airlines have no problem with fishing poles, but if you plan on chartering a yacht for the week that specializes in fishing, then their gear should be up to snuff.
They should also be very willing to allow you to be eating your fish fresh on the bbq the day its caught. It doesn’t hurt to check, though.
We will make sure that any yacht that we book you on meets any requirements and has all the correct permits in place for you to be able to fish. Includes bareboats as the majority of them do not have the licenses needed.