When is it ok to be eating your fish
We have a LOT of experience on fish in the Virgin Islands, so I am focusing on this area here. Ask us about other areas!
All ocean fish that move around a lot and do not eat from the same source all the time are considered safe.
Safe fish include Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Mackerel caught away from land, Marlin, and Sailfish.
Do not ever eat any jack or barracuda no matter where they come from. They have the most significant risk of all the fish species. Do not be eating your fish that you found on the bottom caught anywhere to the west of  Virgin Gorda within the Sir Francis Drake channel.
Islands include Salt, Peter, Norman islands, and Road Harbor. Fish caught on the north side of the Tortola are safe as are fish off Virgin Gorda or Anegada.
Some of the old-timers in the British Virgin Islands say the biggest culprit is the old copper mine on the back of Virgin Gorda.
Lore says for years, spoil and chemicals from the mine were dumped over the cliff face into the ocean.
The currents move along the shoreline pushing the chemicals in a teardrop-shaped plume that spreads along the south side of the islands, getting wider and as it moves towards St Thomas.  It makes sense as the significant risk areas for Ciguetara fall within this teardrop shape area of the channel.