Many have the same yacht search engines as there are only a few of them IN the industry, and each one seems to deal with different segments of the yachts. These are industry-wide and different from Clearinghouses. Boats, Yachts, Clearinghouses, and Yacht Brokers subscribe to these services so they can have as much up to date and charter fee information to get in your hands as quickly as possible. Just about all Yacht Charter Brokers and sites offer the same yachts at the same price.
Your choice of broker is equally as important as your choice of a yacht vacation! Yacht Broker experience varies significantly, with many having zero or little knowledge of what chartering entails but more of a blind expectation of what they think that boats and their crews should be able to do. H2O Luxury Yachts is Independent, which means that we have no financial incentive to push a particular yacht over another.  With over 400 weeks of crewed yacht charters in their past life, H2O team members will NOT make promises that the yacht will not be able to meet.
An important note is that the large superyachts are typically NOT in search engines that the main industry uses. We have them to book, but you have to ask us