We recommend several yachts that fit your idea of a perfect yacht charter vacation. H2O Team brokers will check on availability and let you know that, as well as the price, any specials, and other tips on the perfect vacation. You find the ideal yacht and say “yes”!
We put a “hold” on the yacht with the clearinghouse or fleet that represents it. A “hold” lasts two weeks and gives the broker and you the chance to make the contracts, look into airfare and make the deposit.
No one else can hold the yacht while you are holding it, EXCEPT, if someone else has guests for the dates you hold and are ready with cash in hand. You can be “challenged” on the times.
Being challenged generally means that you have 48 hours (business) to deposit the dates you are holding or “lose” the times.
The amount of time a yacht is held may only be several days if you are looking at bareboats.
For Superyachts, we typically cannot hold boats; we need to be ready to deposit it at the time.