FAQ Category: 5. Scuba Diving

This is our FAQ section relating to scuba diving while on a yacht charter.


What if my yacht doesn’t offer SCUBA on board?

Many yacht charters are equipped and ready to go for divers! Although, there’s always a chance onboard diving isn’t available at your destination. No need to worry — you have..

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How can I locate the best SCUBA spots?

This is where your fantastic captain and crew come in! Whatever charter you choose, you can count on the team to navigate you and your friends to the best SCUBA..

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Can we learn to dive aboard our charter?

Absolutely! Many of the yachts in our fleet offer SCUBA diving instruction from a certified crew member. If you aren’t certified, some boats provide “Resort Diving” — an onboard SCUBA..

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Can I Scuba Dive while bareboating?

There are a few options for scuba diving while on charter. You can have us organize rental gear for you, tell us what you need and it will all be..

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Can H2O Luxury Yachts plan our trip for SCUBA Diving?

Yes! We are probably one of the most qualified yacht charter brokers in doing this as our principals were SCUBA instructors. Offering SCUBA on their yachts in the Caribbean for..

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How many dives can I do in a week?

We suggest somewhere between 3 and 5 to accompany a relaxed sailing or motoring vacation around the islands. This leaves plenty of opportunities to do other fun things. If you..

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What are some Scuba attractions in the Virgin Islands?

Float on shallow calm sand reefs that are perfect for doing your open water skills. Explore wreck dives like the famous wreck of the Rhône (opens in new tab) off..

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How many dive sites are in the Virgin Islands?

Hundreds, if not thousands.! Jim Scheiner’s Diving in the British Virgin Islands (opens in new tab) is practically the Bible of the dive sites here. An older book, but you..

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Can I dive with no Certification?

Yes, most charter yachts with SCUBA offer resort diving and shallow dives. Resort diving is fun, relaxing and gives you the chance to see if you even like it. Youngsters..

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Can I bring my own SCUBA gear for Casual Diving?

Fewer guests are bringing their gear these days. There are hefty baggage charges. You also have the hassle factor of dragging around a large dive bag. It makes sense to..

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