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Captain- Bryan Meltcher
Language: English

Bryan, the newly Captain at the helm of the extraordinary motor yacht Sea Axis. With an impressive five years of dedicated service aboard Sea Axis, Bryan has become an integral part of the crew, ensuring every voyage is a memorable experience.

Bryan’s educational journey led him to Lynn University, where he pursued sports management. His maritime qualifications include a 350 GT and 500 Marshall Islands license, showcasing his commitment to professionalism and safety in the yachting industry.

Born in Bloomington, Illinois, Bryan spent his childhood in Southern California before returning to Illinois for his formative years. Growing up with a younger sister, Bryan’s upbringing was marked by outdoor activities, particularly on the golf course. Although he excelled in basketball and baseball during his youth, golf became his focus in high school. Bryan’s love for the outdoors extends to hiking, climbing, and relishing the thrill of discovering new places.

In addition to his maritime accomplishments, Bryan received the “Fastest Fender Blow Up and Cover Award” at the Newport Boat Show, demonstrating his skills and expertise in yacht competitions.

Bryan’s yachting journey began a decade ago, marking a transition from a construction background. Encouraged by a chief stew he was dating, Bryan embraced the industry, starting on M/Y Distraction, then moving to M/Y Charisma, and ultimately joining M/Y Sea Axis.

With a diverse professional history, including three years in wine retail, hotel valet management, and construction, Bryan brings a wealth of experience to his role as Sea Axis’s Captain. His present duties involve meticulous trip planning, managing itineraries, overseeing daily tasks on board, and preparing necessary paperwork.

Bryan’s cruising destinations span the Bahamas, Caribbean, and the East Coast of the United States. His primary focus is ensuring both the crew and guests experience the utmost satisfaction during their voyages. As a Captain, Bryan aspires to be the best, sharing his knowledge with those aspiring to captaincy and fostering a positive and enjoyable atmosphere on board.

Beyond yachting, Bryan’s hobbies include golf, flying his family to join him on adventures, and relishing beach days. His love for travel involves exploring new cultures and seeking solace in the outdoors away from the crowds. Embracing a motto that “being normal is boring and no one likes boring,” Bryan’s charismatic and adventurous spirit undoubtedly contributes to the extraordinary experiences aboard Sea Axis.

First Mate- Marthinus Johannes van der Berg

Meet Marthinus, the vibrant First Mate aboard Sea Axis, bringing four months of infectious enthusiasm and a wealth of maritime expertise. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of South Africa, Marthinus is a seasoned professional with a commitment to creating exceptional experiences on the high seas. Growing up in the small town of Senekal, situated in the Freestate of South Africa, Marthinus’s early years were filled with the joys of fishing, hunting, and sports. With his family by his side, he developed a love for the outdoors, staying active and engaged in various sports. Fluent in both Afrikaans and English, Marthinus’s diverse background sets the stage for a well-rounded and engaging shipmate. In 2020, following the advice of a hometown captain, Marthinus embarked on his yachting journey. His positive outlook and dedication have since made him an invaluable member of the crew. With three years of combined experience on charter vessels, including Sea Axis, Marthinus has navigated the waters with skill and passion.
Marthinus’s yachting odyssey includes stints on Fore Aces, Lady Sandals, and Lone Star, where he progressed from a deckhand to his current role as First Mate on Sea Axis. His journey extends beyond yachting, with experiences as an Au Pair in Texas and teaching English in South Korea and Vietnam for three years. Educationally equipped with a B.Comm in Sports and Recreation Management, a Yachtmaster 200GT certification, Powerboat Level 2, and PWC course completion, Marthinus ensures the exterior of the vessel remains in impeccable condition. His infectious positivity and unwavering optimism make him an asset in any situation. Marthinus’s yachting adventures have taken him up and down the East Coast of the U.S. and across the waters between Florida and the Bahamas. His favorite charter destination is the mesmerizing Exumas, where the azure waters leave an indelible mark. Outside the maritime world, Marthinus finds solace back home, reveling in grilling sessions, fireside chats, and the company of loved ones. With aspirations to captain vessels between 70 and 100 feet, he envisions retirement by 45, supported by real estate investments and a commitment to financial freedom.

Marthinus’s passions extend to photography, capturing moments with various cameras, exploring new culinary delights, and enjoying a round of golf whenever possible. His life motto, “Upwards and onwards,” encapsulates his unwavering dedication to growth and positive progression.

Join Marthinus on Sea Axis for a journey where high expectations meet unparalleled service, and every day unfolds as the best day ever!

Chef- Nelson Cartegena
Language Spoken: English, Spanish

Chef Nelson is Originally from Queens New York. Upon graduating from high school, Nelson enlisted in the US Army where he served 6 years of active duty service. After leaving the service, Nelson attended the University of Central Florida where he studied finance and completed his degree. Finding that he HATED every minute of studying finance Nelson decided to make a change and enroll in Culinary school to follow his passion for cooking. The journey has taken him to several interesting locations around the world. Nelson has been on motor yachts as a Temp. Chef for 4 years and after he spent a year as a full-time Chef in the Leeward and Windward islands. Nelson’s hobbies are Fishing / Boating / Diving / Working out / Spending time with loved ones / and Traveling.

Chief Stew- Catherine Towner

Meet Catherine, the accomplished Chief Stewardess aboard the magnificent motor yacht Sea Axis. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Catherine has dedicated the last three months to delivering unparalleled hospitality and creating unforgettable experiences for guests.

Catherine’s educational journey took her to Roger Williams University, where she graduated from the Gabelli School of Business in 2016. In addition to her business background, Catherine holds certifications in WSET Levels 1 and 2 (wine courses) and is a Small Boat Sailing Coach Level 2.

Raised in New Hampshire and spending summers on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Catherine developed a love for sailing and the open water. Her sailing journey began with dinghy sailboats and expanded into coaching, where she coached young sailors to success in junior Olympics and international youth sailing events.

Catherine’s first encounter with the yachting industry was as the Director of Marketing for Sirocco Marine/BRIG USA in 2019. During this time, she worked with notable yachts, including the exploration yacht “Axis” and tended to the unique needs of the yachting community.

Transitioning into yachting during the COVID pandemic, Catherine has accumulated diverse experience on notable vessels, such as M/Y X WAVE, M/Y Never Enough, M/Y Lady B, S/Y Kaori, M/Y Honey, and her current role as Chief Stewardess on M/Y Sea Axis.

Catherine’s professional journey also includes roles as a Director of Marketing, Sailing Coach, and Store Manager. Her yachting career spans regions like New England, the Caribbean, Bahamas, Panama, Costa Rica, Galapagos, and French Polynesia. Notably, her favorite yacht destination is French Polynesia, where the allure of the Pacific captivated her.

As Chief Stewardess on Sea Axis, Catherine’s organizational skills and calm demeanor shine. Her goal is to make charter guests feel warmly welcomed, creating an atmosphere where they immediately sense a home away from home. Catherine envisions each trip as the best experience of guests’ lives, leaving lasting memories.

Beyond yachting, Catherine’s favorite places on earth include the Netherlands and France, where she finds the way of life relaxing compared to the states. She aspires to accomplish her sommelier certification outside of yachting and hopes to undertake an Atlantic crossing and Mediterranean season before concluding her career.

Catherine’s hobbies include walking, reading books, enjoying the beach, exploring wine, and cooking. Guided by the philosophy, “Buy the ticket, take the ride,” Catherine encourages taking risks, diving into new experiences, and embracing the journey without looking back.

Second Stew- Leanne Shelley Dorrington

Introducing Leanne, the vibrant and welcoming 2nd Stewardess aboard the luxurious motor yacht Sea Axis. Born in South Africa, she brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for hospitality to the yachting industry.

Leanne embarked on her yachting journey just three months ago on board Sea Axis, but her dedication to ensuring guests feel at home has already made a lasting impression. Holding an IMM Marketing Higher Certificate and an IAMI G.U.E.S.T Senior Stewardess certification, Leanne’s commitment to excellence extends to her role as a Healing Hands Holistic Massage practitioner.

Growing up on the East Coast of South Africa, Leanne was a competitive swimmer and dancer, fostering a love for movement and expression. Fluent in English and proficient in Afrikaans, she communicates effortlessly with guests from diverse backgrounds.

With a background in Marketing and Advertising, Leanne made the bold decision to transition to yachting in 2021 at the age of 36. Her previous experiences include working as an account executive for a marketing agency for 12 years. Leanne’s yachting journey began on Tatami (31m) and Lady B (52m), where she honed her skills in both private and charter settings.

Leanne’s current role as 2nd Stewardess on Sea Axis allows her to showcase her natural ability to make everyone on board feel welcome and at ease. Whether interacting with owners, charter guests, or contractors, Leanne ensures that the Sea Axis experience is characterized by warmth and hospitality.

Having cruised through various destinations, including Florida, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Panama, and Costa Rica, Leanne’s favorite charter destination thus far is the enchanting Bahamas. When not at sea, Leanne enjoys wakeboarding, paddleboarding, camping, reading, spa days, and swimming.

Her personal mission extends beyond yachting, as she aspires to explore and visit numerous countries and islands. Leanne looks forward to creating memorable experiences for guests while saving to bring her parents on a journey to share the beauty of the world. With dreams of someday owning and running a bush lodge in Africa, Leanne envisions a haven where guests become part of the Sea Axis family, cherishing new experiences every day.

In her pursuit of making dreams come true, Leanne embodies the spirit of adventure and warmth that defines the Sea Axis experience.

Chief Engineer- Jarome Guy
Languages Spoken: English

Jerome comes from a small parish called Saint Andrew. Situated southeast of Jamaica. He has worked at sea since he was 24 years old. He enjoyed a distinguished career in the merchant marine obtaining his Class III/1 COC.He sailed as Engineer officer of the watch on several types of cargo ships; bulk carriers, tankers, tug boats, container and general cargo. Jerome has a very calm nature, logical, positive and well thought approach to engineering problem solving and troubleshooting. Jerome transit from commercial ships over into yachting in 2017 where he integrated his ship engineering experience into the yachting industry.

Deck Hand- Cameron King

My name is Cam, born and raised in Indiana and moved to South Florida when I was 19 to pursue yachting. I enjoy working out, hanging out with family and friends, and listening to music during my downtime. I strive to be the best version of myself every day and to help as many people as I can. I have been yachting for 6 years and have a great passion for it and plan to become a yacht captain in the near future.

Motor Sailers
Year Built:
125.00 Ft
25' Feet
8' 1 Feet

Boat Details
Twin Cabins:
Pullman Cabins:

Engine Details

Twin 1,250hp Deutz
65 kW Northern Lights

Fuel Consumption:
Cruising Speed:
12 knots
Max Speed:
17 knots US Gall/Hr

Winter Area:
Bahamas, Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
Summer Area:
Bahamas, USA - New England
Board Games:
Gay Charters:
Crew Smokes:
Children Ok:
Dinghy size:
36’ Edegewater tender
Dinghy hp:
900 hp (671 kw)
Water Skis Adult:
Jet Skis:
Wave Runners:
Snorkel Gear:
Wake Board:
Kayaks 1 Pax:
Kayaks (2 Pax):
Floating Mats:
Fishing Gear:
Sea Bob:
Sea Scooter:

Other Toys:

36’ Edegewater tender
17’ Inflatable Nautica RIB Tender

2 brand new 3 seater Yamaha wave runners
2 Sea Bobs
Knee Board
Water Skis x 2
Wake Board x 2 (Liquid Force)
Snorkel Gear/ Full Mask Optional with Waki Talki Communication x4

Water Slide
Inflatable Hot Dog
Inflatable 8 person Fiesta Party Raft
Inflatable Teak Docking system with two loungers
Inflatable Big Slice Tube

On Deck Cinema
On Deck Rope Swing
Board Games

No rates details available.

(15 December -30 April)
Bahamas, Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
(1 May - 14 December)
Bahamas, USA - New England


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