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Thacher Dodge – Captain
Nationality: American

Captain Thacher, at the helm of Motor Yacht Blacksheep, brings a wealth of diverse experiences and a passion for the sea to his role. Graduating with double majors in Art History and Fine Arts from George Washington University, Thacher holds a 500T License with QMED certification from USCG and American Sailing Association endorsements.

Hailing from Connecticut and New York, Thacher’s upbringing was steeped in maritime traditions. His journey began at Salisbury Boarding School, where he excelled in sports like lacrosse, soccer, wrestling, football, and rowing. His prowess in rowing led him to the US World Championship rowing team in high school, competing in Prague, Czech Republic. Thacher continued his athletic pursuits as a college D1 rower at GWU while spending his winters in Palm Beach and summers sailing along the New England coastlines.

Captain Thacher’s love for the sea was nurtured by his grandfathers, one a founding member of Conanicut Yacht Club in Jamestown, RI, and the other a lobster boat owner in Maine. He honed his sailing skills at the Casio in North Haven, ME, and gained valuable experience teaching sailing at Cape Cod Sea Camps and working at The New York Yacht Club.

After college, Captain Thacher embarked on global travels before finding his calling in the yachting industry. He has since worked on well known charter yachts like King Baby, Laurel, and Horizon 2, fulfilling his dream of becoming a captain and crafting exceptional charter experiences for guests. He envisions creating a haven aboard M/Y Blacksheep where guests can escape the routine of daily life and immerse themselves in unparalleled experiences. His extensive travels, from San Diego to the San Juan Islands and St. Lucia to Maine, have honed his expertise in navigating diverse waters.

In the words of Marcus Aurelius, “A man’s worth is no greater than his ambitions.” For Thacher, this quote epitomizes the essence of striving for excellence and delivering exceptional experiences to all who come aboard Motor Yacht Blacksheep.

Quentin Scott – Chef
Nationality: Bahamian

From the early days of his childhood, Quentin Scott was destined for the culinary world, his innate passion for the art of cooking evident even in his formative years. Fueled by a relentless curiosity and love for the science behind culinary creation, Quentin’s journey led him to the Bahamas Hotel Training College, where he eagerly enrolled in the Apprenticeship Programme.

During his time at the college, Quentin’s culinary prowess flourished as he delved into the intricacies of the craft. The allure of culinary creativity, the harmonious symphony of diverse ingredients, and the artistry of culinary expression captivated him. His dedication and unyielding work ethic did not go unnoticed, earning him recognition from industry luminaries.

Upon completing his apprenticeship, Quentin was sought after by top hotels in the Bahamas. Opting to join the culinary team at Atlantis, he honed his skills for exquisite five-star dining. However, a compelling opportunity to expand his knowledge and expertise presented itself, leading Quentin to the British Colonial Hilton as a Sous Chef. There, he delved into the operational intricacies and financial acumen required for a successful culinary venture.

Keen to explore further, Quentin ventured into the realm of standalone restaurants, leveraging his education, experience, and innate charisma. Subsequently, he became an integral part of the esteemed Four Seasons team, offering him a global platform to share his culinary expertise. His journey took him to diverse locations, including the Exumas, Bahamas; Grand Anse, Grenada; Dublin, Ireland; and various parts of the United States of America.

The transformative experiences in the USA and Grenada profoundly altered Quentin’s perspective on fresh ingredients, emphasizing the essence of farm-fresh produce and locally sourced components. Armed with this newfound understanding, Quentin masterfully transformed the bounty of farm-fresh, morning-picked fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish into gourmet masterpieces. His culinary creations reflect not only a commitment to quality but also a nod to the rich legacy of farm-to-table dining, bringing a fresh and innovative touch to the gastronomic landscape for a new generation.

Michelle Cronje – Chief Stew
Nationality: South African

ntroducing Michelle Cronje, a 24-year-old adventurer whose heart beats in rhythm with the ocean’s waves, and whose passion for hospitality shines as a seasoned Chief Stewardess. Michelle is a maestro in crafting unforgettable experiences for yacht guests, bringing a blend of dedication to service and an impeccable eye for detail to every voyage.

Beyond her professional prowess, Michelle is a true ocean enthusiast. Fearless in her pursuit of underwater exploration, she dives into the depths with unbridled enthusiasm. Equally adept in the art of fishing, she casts her line into the open waters, creating moments of excitement and connection with the sea. Michelle’s connection to the ocean is profound, and her love for vibrant coral reefs beneath the waves is matched only by her skillful navigation of fishing adventures.

With a zest for life and an indomitable spirit of adventure, Michelle seizes every opportunity to explore new horizons. Her enthusiasm for travel and her knack for creating indelible memories make her a formidable presence, both in the world of yachting and the great outdoors. Join Michelle on her journey as she continues to navigate the seas, sharing her love for diving, boxing, and the thrill of discovery with the world.

Michelle, alongside the Blacksheep family, is dedicated to ensuring that every moment is a wonderful adventure, filled with the highest quality of service. Embark on this journey with Michelle, where the seas become a canvas for unforgettable experiences.

Kala Pretorius – 2nd Stew
Nationality: South African

Kala Pretorius, born in South Africa and raised in the beautiful little town of Stellenbosch, is a stewardess with a deep-rooted passion for design and art. Her journey in the world of yachting began with a desire to explore and experience the wonders of the globe. Drawing upon her educational background, Kala pursued her studies in Textile Design and further sharpened her skills by studying Fashion Design. This educational foundation laid the groundwork for her meticulous attention to detail and sophisticated sense of aesthetics. With aspirations of becoming an exceptional Chief Stewardess later in her career, Kala is driven to continuously advance her yachting career. She is committed to fostering a welcoming environment for all tho’s license.

Ryan Sperzel – Mate
Nationality: American

Ryan Sperzel is a dynamic individual who has already made waves in his young life. At just 21 years old, he has found his passion as a Mate on a luxury yacht, navigating the high seas with skill and precision. Ryan’s love for the water extends beyond his career, as he’s an avid fisherman and boating enthusiast having been surrounded by water since early childhood in Cape Cod. Whether it’s casting a line to reel in the big catch or cruising on the open water, he finds solace and adventure in the waves. But Ryan’s adventurous spirit doesn’t stop at the shoreline. He’s also a dedicated hunter and dirt biking enthusiast, constantly seeking new challenges and thrills on land. When he’s not exploring the great outdoors, you can find him swimming laps in the pool, a skill that once earned him victory in a swimming competition. One of Ryan’s most notable achievements is obtaining his captain’s license, a testament to his commitment to his profession and his ability to lead on the water. With a bright future ahead, Ryan Sperzel is poised to continue his journey of exploration, adventure, and success.

Ryan Batt – Deckhand
Nationality: South African

Ryan Batt, a dedicated deckhand hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, commenced his journey in the yachting industry at the age of 19, and, at 22, he continues to thrive in this maritime realm. His heart has always belonged to the sea, finding comfort and inspiration in its vastness. Beyond his duties on deck, one can often find him perfecting his golfing skills and embarking on journeys to explore new destinations. Having traveled through various waters, Ryan consistently strives to surpass expectations, contributing his best to the crew and guests in every endeavor.

Motor Sailers
Palmer Johnson
Year Built:
123.00 Ft
23 Feet
6 Feet

Boat Details
Twin Cabins:

Engine Details

Powered by twin diesel MTU (12V4000M90) engines

Fuel Consumption:
Cruising Speed:
Max Speed:
21 US Gall/Hr

Winter Area:
Summer Area:
Gay Charters:
Crew Smokes:

Other Amenities:

Gym equipment:
Free weights
Yoga mats
Massage table
Fold up treadmill

Dinghy size:
2019 32ft Edgewater with 2 x 300hp Yamaha Engines
Jet Skis:
SU Paddle Boards:
Snorkel Gear:
Fishing Gear:
Sea Bob:
Sea Scooter:

Other Toys:

Toy List:

2019 32ft Edgewater with 2 x 300hp Yamaha Engines
2 x SeaBobs (2023)
2 x Yamaha Jetskis (3 man)
Aquabanas Inflatable Slide (from boat deck)
2 x Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards
Full Aquabanas raft with Party Soaker
Inflatable Hot Dog and Sausage tube
2 x Glass bottom kayaks
Snorkelling gear (14 sets)
Fishing Gear
Spearfishing Gear
* Crew experienced and love to fish!
*Rendevous Diving Only

From $80,000 plus expenses

(15 December -30 April)
(1 May - 14 December)


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