See the World While Staying Stateside

Coastlines around the US boast yachting scenes rivaled by any other locale in the world. Whale watch in the chilly waters of Alaska or shimmy down to your skivvies on Miami Beach. Yachting hotspots around North America are the places to be for your next getaway.

Nontraditional luxury yachting locales like New England and Alaska have surged in popularity. Or, stick with a staple and opt for a heated adventure along Florida’s coastline. Whatever destination you choose is sure to include hours of sunbathing on the top deck and the luxury of a 24-hour attentive crew.

Board Your Private Luxury Yacht for a Summer of Bliss

Immerse yourself in the scenery and simplicity of New England’s quaint destinations. Don’t let the laid back atmosphere fool you — New England is the summering destination for movers and shakers.

Venture off of your luxury charter to the charming streets for the best the east coast has to offer. Whether you bundle up outside a cafe or shop the local boutiques, New England will fill your day with hours of exploring.

Alaska Defines Adventure

Begin your luxe getaway in Juno with a private helicopter ride to Mendenhall Glacier. If you’re in for a thrill, watch in amazement as your pilot lands atop the 12-mile sheet of ice for a day spent dogsledding. Every hour yachting around Alaska will be full of unparalleled thrill — believe it or not, flying to the top of a glacier just to sled down is only the beginning.

After sipping hot coffee on your yacht deck, venture ashore to Tenakee Inlet to warm up in the hot springs. If sightseeing is more your speed, Chatham is the place to be for a glimpse of killer and humpback whales.

Stay Hot With a South Beach Vacay

Heat up your vacation aboard your private yacht exploring Florida’s dreamy coastline. Island hop in the keys or stay close to shore in South Beach for a heated vacation that rivals any other.

Whether you fancy drag shows or tee times, Florida is a yachting destination that’s sure to deliver days of excitement. Take advantage of the luxe amenities aboard your private charter while you soak in some of the top destinations in the world. The list of things to do from a luxury yacht in Florida is endless.

Book a North American Yachting Getaway that Rivals Any Other

Escape to the East Coast for laid back luxury, the South for adventure and the Last Frontier for unrivaled sightseeing. Yachting around North America is one of the best ways to spend a vacation abroad. If one of these getaways sounds like the one for you, talk with the H2O Luxury Yachts team today.

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