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Thomas Gray
Education/Certifications: 1600 Ton Master
Languages: English

Captain Tom is a seasoned captain with an innate passion for the water. Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, he was exposed to the wonders of the sea from an early age, with a boat stationed behind his house on a serene, expansive lake. The allure of the water captured his heart, and he has been inseparable from it ever since. From fishing and skiing to surfing and sailing, Captain Tom’s life has been a thrilling aquatic adventure. Watersports have always been at the core of his identity, and he even spent several years as a scuba instructor. He finds pure joy in any activity that involves the water – above, on, or beneath its surface. His profound love for aquatic pursuits has led him to explore various roles in the maritime industry.

Since 1989, Captain Tom has been at the helm of numerous vessels, gaining invaluable experience that began with dive boats and fishing vessels. In 2001, he transitioned to yachting, a move that allowed him to combine his seafaring expertise with his desire to offer guests unforgettable experiences on the water. The thrill of charting new territories and meeting people from diverse backgrounds further fueled his dedication to his craft.

One of Captain Tom’s greatest joys comes from witnessing his guests’ utmost enjoyment. He takes immense pleasure in observing their reactions as they are blown away by the unique experiences both on board and in the water. For him, it’s not just a job; it’s a privilege to be a part of creating lasting memories for others. His warm and friendly demeanor ensures that guests and crew alike feel welcomed and appreciated throughout their journey on 121’ NAMASTE.

With a vast array of skills, years of experience, and a genuine love for the water, Captain Tom continues to lead his crew with confidence, making every voyage under his guidance an extraordinary adventure.

Michael Parkinson – Mate
Education/Certifications: STCW, Power Boat Level 2, Yacht Masters 200T, EDH, Private Pilot’s License
Languages: English
Nationality: South African

Michael grew up in South Africa where he adapted a very active lifestyle. He rode motocross nationally and competed in triathlons almost every weekend. For a decade, Michael worked as a DJ at clubs and National events throughout South Africa and considers music and video production to be one of his greatest passions.
Michael has now been in the yachting industry for almost four years, working onboard charter vessels from the beginning. Prior to yachting he was taking the necessary steps to become a commercial pilot and has already obtained his private license.
Being known as “the excursions guy” Michael has been able to see the best of what the Bahamas and Caribbean has to offer, and is excited to have the ability to provide this experience for guests. Michael’s goal is to work his way up to first mate and have the opportunity to run a successful program. He strives to bring out the spontaneity of everyone who steps on board, encouraging them to try new things, creating everlasting memories.
Some of Michael’s other hobbies include, surfing, snowboarding, and water sports of all kinds.

Duvaughn Chin
Chief Engineer
Education/Certifications: STCW 95, ENG 1, STCW Class 3 UNLIMITED, Proficiency in Security Awareness, Proficiency in Security Duties, The Republic of the Marshall Islands Endorsement, Cayman Islands Endorsement
Languages: English

Meet Duvaughn, a highly skilled and experienced engineer, hailing from the picturesque island of Jamaica. He embarked on his maritime journey after graduating from Caribbean Maritime University in 2013, where four years of rigorous studies paved the way for his career in the maritime industry. Duvaughn’s professional journey commenced on commercial vessels, including containers, product tankers, and bulk carriers, where he honed his technical expertise. However, a thirst for a new challenge and a passion for luxury vessels led him to transition to the world of super yachts.

As the engineer on board, Duvaughn takes on the vital responsibility of ensuring the seamless operation and maintenance of the yacht’s intricate machinery and systems. His extensive experience has led him to become highly skilled in troubleshooting and problem-solving, swiftly handling any technical issue that arises, ensuring the yacht runs safely and efficiently.

Beyond his technical prowess, Duvaughn is known for his warm and welcoming demeanor, coupled with a mature and enthusiastic nature, which makes him a true pleasure to have on board. His professionalism and friendly approach contribute to his status as a valued member of any crew. His dedication to ensuring the safety and comfort of guests onboard will provide peace of mind for all those who set sail with him.

In his spare time, you can find him actively engaging in water sports like water skiing, and wakeboarding, or concentrating on his fitness.

Michael Scattergood
Position: Chef

profile coming soon!

Kaylee Arthur – Stewardess
Education/Certifications: STCW, First Aid Level 1, Food Health & Safety Level 2, IAMI Guest Stewardess Course, Swimming Teacher Certification, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Degree in Fashion and Textiles
Languages: English
Nationality: South African

Kaylee grew up in Durban, a city on the east coast of South Africa. She has four siblings, three of which are triplets, and an older sister. Kaylee cherishes her relationship with all of her siblings as she believes family is one of the most important things in life.
Kaylee has years of experience in the service industry working as a waitress and bartender. Before entering yachting, she was a swinging teacher for a few years before moving to China to teach at an international school.
Dedicated to providing a charter experience like no other, Kaylee is always willing to go above and beyond for her guests. With a creative side that she likes to tap into, theme nights and tablescapes are among the many things Kaylee is able to partake in to enhance the guest experience. She hopes everyone who steps onboard is able to drop the stressors of the outside world and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.
When Kaylee is not onboard, you can find her hiking, swimming, playing sports, or planning out her dream of opening up her own wellness and yoga retreat.

Gemma “Gem” Meeding
Second Stewardess
South African
Education/Certifications: STCW
Languages: English, Afrikaans

A warm-hearted South African, Gem brings her vibrant spirit and diverse skills as the Second Stewardess on Namaste. Born in the sunny city of Durban, she grew up surrounded by the love of her parents and older brother. Gem set sail on her yachting journey in October 2023, enticed by the prospect of traversing the world’s most beautiful destinations while collaborating with like-minded individuals. As Namaste’s 2nd Stew, her diverse background of land-based experiences equips her with the ability to intuitively anticipate and efficiently meet the needs of those around her. Within the industry, Gem aspires to soak in every learning opportunity, ticking off bucket-list destinations, and cultivating lifelong friendships. Beyond yachting, her entrepreneurial heart envisions implementing various business models using the savings accrued along her journey. During charters, Gem strives to ensure each guest departs feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally fulfilled, eager to return for more. Her spare time is dedicated to the gym, reflecting her profound belief that health is our greatest wealth. When Gem isn’t gliding through the waters or perfecting her hockey game, you’ll find her strumming the strings of a guitar or creating delightful confectioneries in the kitchen for her family to relish after dinner. While the Bahamas and Antigua hold a special place in Gemma’s heart as favorite cruising destinations, her true sanctuary is found at home with Bear, her husky dog.

Beyond the waves, Gem delves into the world of astrology. With the ability to read tarot and birth charts, she adds a touch of cosmic insight and entertainment to her repertoire. For Gem, “Energy is currency” encapsulates her philosophy, fueling her vibrant approach to life and creating memorable experiences for all who step aboard Namaste.

Paul Gray
Languages: English

Meet Paul, the skilled deckhand aboard Namaste, bringing six months of invaluable experience and a lifelong passion for the seas. Born in the coastal haven of Key West, Florida, Paul’s maritime journey is deeply rooted in his upbringing. Paul’s connection with the sea began at an early age, sailing the waters of Tampa Bay alongside his mother and brother. His sailing prowess shone through as a child, winning regattas and honing his skills in the art of navigation. Boating became second nature, and by the tender age of 8-9, he was already steering and sailing boats independently. With a father who was a yacht captain, Paul grew up not only driving motor yachts but racing sailboats. His extensive background includes working on renowned vessels such as Serena, All In, Lorax, Northstar, and Package Deal, along with the Farr 40 sailboat, Penndragon. Before yachting, Paul served as a small boat sailing instructor, holding a Level 2 license with US Sailing. Currently working as a deckhand, Paul aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an accomplished yacht captain. His favorite cruising grounds include the Bahamas and Abacos, with a special affection for the serene Shroud Cay. Beyond yachting, Paul envisions owning a home, establishing roots, and enjoying the tranquility of Beaufort, South Carolina, surrounded by family. Paul’s dedication extends to ensuring every guest has an incredible experience, crafting memories that withstand the test of time. Known for his prowess with children, Paul brings a lifetime of boating expertise to create unforgettable moments for all on board Namaste. When not navigating the vast seas on a yacht, Paul finds solace in Tampa, racing sailboats with friends out of Davis Island Yacht Club. His personal sailboat, a cherished possession, stands as a testament to his enduring love for the art of sailing.

Join Paul on Namaste for an unparalleled seafaring experience, where passion meets professionalism, and every journey is infused with the spirit of adventure.

Motor Sailers
Year Built:
121.00 Ft
26 Feet
7 Feet

Boat Details
Twin Cabins:

Engine Details


Fuel Consumption:
Cruising Speed:
11 knots
Max Speed:
16 knots US Gall/Hr

Winter Area:
Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Virgin Islands (US), Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
Summer Area:
Internet Access:
Onboard WIFI
Gay Charters:
Crew Smokes:
Dinghy size:
32' Intrepid Center Console (Fully rigged for fishing)
Water Skis Adult:
Jet Skis:
SU Paddle Boards:
Snorkel Gear:
Wake Board:
Kayaks 1 Pax:
Beach Games:
Fishing Gear:
Sea Bob:
Sea Scooter:

Other Toys:


32′ Intrepid center console (Fully rigged for fishing)
Fishing equipment for 32′ Intrepid with all new braided line and outriggers
2x SeaDoos Jet skis (New)
Water Slide (New addition)
Aquabanas Party Bana (New addition)
Floating Docks (New addition)
3x Paddle boards
2x single kayaks
2x Seabobs (New)
Wake board
Assorted floats
Snorkel Equipment (New)
Beach game and chairs

Gym Equipment:
Elliptical Cross Trainer, Lifefitness E3
Flybird weight bench
Full set Free weights
Yoga mats

No rates details available.

(15 December -30 April)
Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Virgin Islands (US), Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
(1 May - 14 December)


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