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Captain Jure Restović was born December 17th in 1981 in Split but he lives on the island of Brac. In Split he finished his high school education as a chef but he ended in nautical tourism very quickly following his passion cause since he was a small boy he is tied to the sea. He calls the sea his friend that has been round all of his life or as he likes to emphasize – ” I am in love with the sea!” His father was a shipbuilder and he used to observe boats in refit and in the sea later so they got under his skin. After his highschool he worked several seasons on a cruiser and then he decided to dedicate more of his time to following the dream of becoming a Captain. In 2017 he passed all the tests after having much experience on the sea. This will be his 17th year on the sea. Growing up by the sea and being involved in shipbuilding with his father set his life path and brought him to what he enjoys the most – SAILING! In his free time Jure loves diving and fishing so be sure he will take you to the best places, coves and catch fresh fish, octopus and he will show you how to truly indulge in everything that the Adriatic sea has to offer while on Corsario.

Chef Luka grew up in the small Dalmatian town of Omiš, located at the mouth of the river Cetina surrounded by mountains and the sea.
His love of cooking grew as he grew up and after studying to be a Chef, he decided to accept an offer to work abroad in order to expand his culinary worldviews and get to know other cooking cultures. After three years of working abroad, Chef Luka returns to his country with a rich experience
and great discipline towards work. After returning home, Chef Luka is immediately given the opportunity to work on the island of Hvar, where he stays for 4 seasons. In the meantime, he gets an offer to work as a Chef in the famous Split restaurant, where he stays for 4 years.
After extensive experience in ala cart restaurants as a Chef, he gets an offer to work in a newly opened Hotel in his hometown and accepts the challenge of how to make the new hotel famous for its food. What Chef Luka wanted from day one, was to tell stories through his plates.
As a Chef on a yacht CORSARIO, he will satisfy all the requirements of the guests and will provide them with real hedonism during their stay.

ANTONIJA MIKELIĆ- chief stewardess
Antonija is the chief stewardess on the Corsario. She was born in Split in 1995, where she graduated from college. After some time working in accounting, she felt that she had to unleash her creativity and decided to work on a yacht.
The love between her, sea, and ship has been going on for five years, so she is more than experienced in her job. Her colleagues describe her as hardworking and very attentive to her guests.
She speaks English well; her free time includes reading books, hanging out with family and friends, and traveling.

MAJA PEŠELJ – Sous chef
Maja was born on April 9th in 1993 in the city of Split where she grew up and finished her highschool education. She worked in many restaurants as a sous chef where she became very skilled and fell in love with the business. She is a gourmet and very passionate towards creating and food. She likes the sea and working on boats because of the dynamics of different cruises and changes that Maja enjoys. Her free time is reserved for travelling, meeting new people and cultures. That inspires and motivates her. Long walks and meditation in the nature are her favorite things to do. Maja prefers working in a great environment and she contributes to a healthy work atmosphere with her creativity and is always looking forward to new challenges.
Maja has another passion that she decided to follow sos he is a certified photographer as well, if you need more pictures of your vacation on Corsario she is the right person to go to.

Hrvoje Jerković is a deckhand on the sailing yacht Corsario, born on July 8th in 1995 in the city of Split where he finished his high school education in electric engineering.
He speaks English and is familiar with Italian, very skilled in communication with the guests and his infectious smile will immediately make them feel welcome on Corsario. He has been a part of the team; you can say family for many years and is experienced in his work.
Beside anchoring, tying the boat and keeping the yacht in good shape he enjoys working with people and that is the main reason why he loves being on boats. Meeting lovely people from all around the world, getting to know different cultures and listening to interesting stories guests have to tell is something he delights in, that is why in his spare time he likes to travel as much as he can so he can get new experiences that will help him in his career. He loves exploring the coast with Corsario which brings him satisfaction and he is always ready to share that with the guests.

DARIO TOPIĆ – Bar tender
After finishing high school Dario started working as a waiter and he just fell in love with the job. He approaches his job highly professional and with passion being an ambitious person always ready to learn more new things. After 15 years of experience in a 5 * hotels and restaurants he just felt the need for a new challenge in his life so he turned to yacht service and now he is a part of our beautiful Corsario.
His unique professional and personal approach to the guests’ needs with care and charm will stay in their memory for a long time.
Dario is an outdoor person and in his free time he likes to be in the nature riding his bicycle and playing basketball and whenever there is a free moment loves to gets his hands on a new book

MARTINA ŠIPIĆ – Stewardess
Martina was born in Sinj on June 7, 1995, where she graduated from vocational high school for commercial studies. Although she is young, she has managed to gather extensive work experience in various fields.
Working as a teaching assistant, waiter, maid, saleswoman, and hostess, she gets to know guest service from several different aspects. She decides on a new adventure and becomes a member of the Corsario crew. He speaks English and German fluently. She is always charming, professional, and efficient. In her free time, Martina likes hiking, running, traveling, and especially helping shelters with abandoned animals.

Marko was born in 1994 in the city of Dubrovnik, where he spent his childhood and graduated from high school. He continued his education in Split at the Maritime Faculty. Naturally curious, he likes to be active, surrounded by people, and learn new things. As time passed, he gained more and more knowledge about different jobs, improved his skills, and joined the crew on the Corsario as a sailor. Communicative and hardworking speaks English and Italian accurately.
He truly enjoys nature and, with an adventurous spirit, likes to spend his free time playing football, hiking, and diving. But also to take quizzes and play a game of chess.

TONĆI ZULIN – Deckhand
Tonći Zulin was born on January 1, 1989. in Split. He grew up in the sunniest place in the town of Hvar on the same name island, surrounded by the sea and ships, which largely determined his life path. After graduation, he finished maritime high school in Split. He started working on ships for cruises on the Adriatic, initially on traditional wooden vessels and later on larger iron ships, as a helmsman and deck leader. During the navigation of the Adriatic, he visited almost all inhabited Croatian islands, getting to know their inhabitants, customs, and peculiarities. He lives the sea and everything it brings with him; he acquires new knowledge and experiences every day and invests in further education in the desire for advancement.
He uses every free moment to escape to his Hvar, where he enjoys squid fishing from his boat in the winter. He is a big fan of sports, especially football
and swimming. He actively speaks English while he can communicate in Italian and

Sailing Yachts
Year Built:
157.00 Ft
8.7 Metres
2.9 Metres

Boat Details
Twin Cabins:

Engine Details

Engine: 2x John Deere 317kw/425 HP
Generators: 1x Cummins Onan 27kw, 2x John Deere 64kw

Winter Area:
Summer Area:
Internet Access:
Onboard WIFI

Other Amenities:

Banana ride
Donut ride

Other Toys:

Jet ski (Yamaha VX Cruiser HO (high output) 180HP
PlayStation 4

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