Yacht Itinerary/review from a recent charter aboard Vicarious! 

This group recently chartered New England and had an amazing adventure!

The charter started in Newport RI with guests easily getting there.

Yacht Itinerary with Vicarious Catamaran
Playing with the water toys on Vicarious Catamaran

New England Rates until September 30th

FULL BOARD: 2/$18,500 3/$18,875 4/$19,250 5/$19,625 6/$20,000
HALF-BOARD: 2/$18,200 3/$18,425 4/$18,650 5/$18,875 6/$19,100 Includes 7B, 4L & 3D, other meals ashore at client expense
LOCAL FARE: 2/$18,350 3/$18,650 4/$18,950 5/$19,250 6/$19,550 Includes 7B, 5L & 6D, other meals ashore at client expense
Rates exclude dockage and excessive alcohol consumption.

Yacht Itinerary

Crew comments

Nights 1/2

The sail to Block Island was met by a northerly breeze around 15 knots. This provided a nice downwind sail, prevailing wind direction is SouthWest so most of the time we we beating to Block.

We arrived at Block mid to late afternoon so we spent two nights on the hook. A whole day of fun with sunny weather greeted us on the next day. After breakfast we brought the group into shore. Here they rented bikes and explored the many sights, restaurants and bars of the island!

Upon return in the afternoon there was much lounging off the back of the boat on the floats and some clamming by captain Austen!

Yacht Itinerary night one Vicarious

Night 3 

The next day we headed off to Cuttyhunk! Block to Cuttyhunk is one of the longer sails but it’s a great opportunity to put the lines off the back and see what you can catch!

Cuttyhunk is the Westernmost Elizabeth Island and part of Massachusetts. The basin where we anchored has protection from winds 360 degrees around and is as calm as a lake.

On shore we showed the guests the small town and the scenic hike up to ”the tower”(a place where you can see WWII vintage bunkers that kept an eye out for U-boats).

The town consisted of a market, a gift store, and many small fishing shacks where lobstermen bring in their catch to be cooked fresh right on the docks.

Yacht Itinerary night 3 vicarious

Night 4 

The next day we timed the current for our sail to Vineyard Haven. Sailing from one end of vineyard sound to the other can be done quite quickly if you time the current right which can get up to 3 knots at times.

Our access to Vineyard Haven was gained by entering the calm waters of Lake Tashmoo. After passing through the narrow and shallow entrance we anchored and took the dinghy to the town dock, with a 1.25-mile walk to town.

The town had many stores, ice-cream shops, and restaurants; our favorite sandwich spot is the Vineyard Haven Market. Once back at the boat and some r&r a portion of the group went out for a clam hunt and we struck clam gold! Over 40 clams were found in less than 10 minutes, stuffed clams were on the way!

Night 4 on yacht Itinerary

Night 5 

Again the timing of current and favorable wind gave us a quick sail from Lake Tashmoo to Edgartown. Edgartown is one of the many places where the well-to-do of the North East go to play.

Many shops, restaurants, beautiful homes, and mega yachts sprinkled about. To the best of my knowledge once we brought the group into shore the ladies found the shops and the guys investigated the watering holes… seems like everyone came back to the boat happy.  

Night 5 on vicarious yacht itinerary

Night 6

We departed Edgartown in the fog but it soon cleared as we made our way to Hadley Harbor which is right near Woods Hole. Approaching the harbor was an adventure as we headed into current through the Woods Hole cut which topped out at 4 knots thus bringing our speed over ground down to 2.5 knots for a brief period of time. 

We anchored in the calm inner harbor at Hadley Harbor. This is a beautiful landscape owned and preserved by the Forbes family that provided protection from any wind angle or current.

Drinks were had and there was much lounging on the floats and paddling around. In the evening we went on a sunset dinghy cruise around the little islands!

Night 6 on yacht Vicarious

Night 7. The final night of Yacht Itinerary

For the sail to Menemsha, it was a fun 10 miles on a close halued course with a 1.5 knots of current behind us most of the way.

We anchored in the Menemsha bight just a mile or so to the west of the harbor entrance. Menemsha is on the Westernmost part of Marthas Vineyard. This spot is well known for scenes of the Jaws movie being filmed there. I believe Menemsha has the best sea food out of any of the places we visit in the North East.

There are two fish stores that sell lobster rolls among many other things right on the docks as you enter the harbor. Our group went to shore and strolled around for a bit and checked out the little shops and local scene.

This location is also famous for its uninterrupted sunsets however on this evening the fog made that a challenge. The next day we had a foggy motor back to Newport but on the way, we saw a whale jump out of the water right in front of the boat and then swim away! We can’t wait to have this group back onboard!

Night 7 on yacht vicarious yacht itinerary

We hope you enjoyed reading our yacht itinerary and review for Vicarious!

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