Yacht Charter Broker Stephanie Lowrey is featured today. Stephanie has been learning the ropes from the bottom up in the yacht chartering business for several years now.

steph lowelry
Stephanie visiting the Super Yachts at Nafplio Greece

What is Yacht Charter Broker Stephanie Lowrey’s background?

Many who know Kerry (Charter Broker)  in person from H2O Trips and Luxury Yachts will know yacht charter broker Stephanie Lowrey. Stephanie is the wife of Singer-Songwriter Levi Lowrey ( Co-writer of Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band). H2O Luxury Yachts has worked together with her in the past, bringing Ultimate Fan Trips to life. Joining Ultimate Singer-Songwriter Super Fans with their favorite artists for week-long yacht charters in the Caribbean.

THAT is a blast, imagine a deserted beach with your favorite singer-songwriter playing tunes to your small group!

Stephanie Lowrey in Greece

Stephanie has managed the events and bookings for Levi Lowrey as well as other artists in her working career. Artists such as Erin Enderlin and Joe McGuiness.

Steph and H2O Luxury Yacht completed Ultimate Fan Trips with Levi LowreyTravis Meadows, and Whiskey Jack Untz as well as bringing them to the Love City Country Music Festival on St John. While managing, booking and promoting singer-songwriters, together with the artist, she created an atmosphere with their fans to allow for the comfort and ease of getting to know each other. Touring around the United States, playing house shows, creating yet another fan experience on land.

During Yacht Ultimate Fan Trips, Stephanie would act as a crew member or hostess, so she knows the islands, and she even acted as Chief Cook and Bottlewasher on an Ultimate Fan Trip last summer in the Spanish Virgin Islands. Moving on to working on this side of the yacht charter business was a natural progression.

Stephanie Lowrey Hostess on Ultimate Fan Trips

Bringing value to your Yacht Charter Experience

Keeping the details straight and making sure EVERYTHING comes together for your yacht charter vacation is a piece of cake for this talented, enthusiastic girl! I bet she could even get a singer-songwriter “add on” if you wanted one on your yacht…

Stephanie lives with her husband and two sons (11 and 16 years old)  just outside Atlanta, Georgia. She loves to travel!

Steph attended the US and the British Virgin Islands Yacht Shows along with Antigua, Newport Rhode Island, Nafplio Greece, and the Bahamas. She loves a beach anywhere as well as SCUBA diving.

Her dream vacation spots are Greece and Croatia

Check out Stephanie’s favorite yachts from the recent Virgin Island’s Boat shows.  Both the BVI and St Thomas Virgin Island Show are represented.

How do I reach Stephanie?

Yacht Charter Broker Stephanie Lowrey can be reached on 954-271-3005 X 704  or stephanie@h2oluxuryyachts.com. She works on Eastern Time Zone hours generally.

Stephanie is instrumental in communicating with you after you have booked your charter making sure all your preference sheets are taken care of!

 If you have ANY kind of event, corporate or otherwise, Stephanie will be an invaluable resource with her experience, bubbly personality and enthusiasm.

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