Yacht Charter Broker Ken Heare is featured today. Ken has been learning the ropes from the bottom up in the yacht chartering business for several years now. We are excited that he joined H2O Luxury Yachts recently.

Yacht Charter Broker Ken Heare
Yacht Charter Broker Ken Heare

Ken first started as a charter guest coming on the yacht that H2O Principals owned running charters in the Caribbean.
Subsequently, he began coming down occasionally to work as a steward or deckhand. All the time he continued to book crewed yacht charters every single year for his groups of friends.
This past summer, H2O convinced Ken to work in the heat of summer on yacht charters for a few weeks.

You will find Ken patient, charming and well versed in both bareboat and crewed yacht charters. He is also a wonderful swing dancer as we found out at local dance bars in the islands!

Yacht Charter Broker Ken Heare in the Virgin Islands water

Bringing value to your Yacht Charter Experience

A few words from Ken…

I am very excited to announce that I am joining the team at H2O Luxury Yachts as a Charter Yacht Broker.  

For the last several years, I have spent time in the Virgin Islands as both a charter guest and as a crew member. 

With aspirations of spending winters in the Virgin Islands, I have spent a lot of time getting my hands dirty, sweating buckets as a deckhand, or relaxing on leisurely sailing adventures with incredible Captains and Chefs.  

As a flight attendant for almost a decade, I traveled the world exploring the magnificent beauty and collecting a vast knowledge of fantastic vacation destinations. 

I’m thrilled to start this journey as a Charter Yacht Broker and helping you navigate the wonderful world of yachting that suits your lifestyle and budget. 

Let’s SEA the world together!

What is Yacht Charter Broker Ken Heare’s background?

Yacht Charter Broker Ken Heare

Besides the above, Ken is a licensed Real Estate Agent with a background in Hospitality.

I think that the best way to sum up Ken is with this quote from one of his professional teammates. He is one of the nicest people I know.

“He’s smart, talented, and one of those decent folks who’ll go to great lengths to do the best he can for you”

That is exactly what you will get when you deal with Ken. It goes without saying that one of Ken’s hobbies is traveling.

Ken’s current favorite yachts in the Virgin Islands are Relentless Catamaran and Amazing Grace Catamaran. Ask him about either, he will extol their virtues. He also is a good resource for bareboat catamarans, having spent several weeks on board a Lagoon 50 sailing Catamaran this past summer.

Check out his favorite spots and itinerary in the British Virgin Islands here

How do I reach Ken?

Yacht Charter Broker Ken can be reached on 954-271-3005  or ken@h2oluxuryyachts.com. He works on Mountain Time Zone hours generally and lives in Utah.

Find Ken Heare on Linked In here.