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What better way to see what’s new with BVI Yacht Charters than aboard your own private yacht vacation!

  • With Saba Rock, Cane Garden Bay, and Cooper Island, the Virgin Islands are hopping! Growth and regrowth are happening and it’s beautiful! The Flamingos are coming back in bigger groups than ever before! Virgin Island Sailing is glorious right now with many brand new yachts in the fleets!
Gumptions Learning Adventures, What to do on your Sailing Vacation
Gumptions Learning Adventures, What to do on your Sailing Vacation.

And the luxury yachts! They are bringing their A-game with gourmet foods to meet your palate. They will take care of your every need and show you all the unique places these islands have to offer. Why wouldn’t you want to take a luxury yacht vacation and see all the hidden gems of the islands?

The Islands are banding together in an effort in “Going Green” Composting. They are using less or no plastic and bringing their own bags for shopping. They are also using natural cleaning products and so much more.

An app called Green VI Recycle has been designed to detail all recycling drop off points. They also provide top tips on reducing our waste.

In addition to these efforts, 4Ocean has been reaching oceans all over the world cleaning the waters of its trash. Each item purchased from their store is a pound of trash that in turn goes back into cleaning more ocean waters. 

New Luxury Yachts Available for BVI Yacht Charters!

Interested in sailing the tradewinds in the Virgin Islands? We have some spectacular fully crewed charters that we are looking forward to getting you out and sailing on.

Moon Blossom is 2019 Leopard 50 catamaran wand. She takes 6 guests for those who really want the experience of a large, exclusive private yacht. The casual crew on this yacht have been sailing these islands for quite a few years now. You will immediately feel like family.

Moon Blossom is 2019 Leopard 50 catamaran
Moon Blossom is 2019 Leopard 50 catamaran.

Looking for a brand new yacht that also has SCUBA diving on board? Check out Grace this 2020 Lagoon 52 which still only takes 6 guests. Grace features not only SCUBA Instructors but also a professional chef who is well versed in using organic produce.

Virgin Islands Luxury Yachts Grace Catamaran. BVI Yacht Charters
Grace Catamaran available for BVI Yacht Charters.

Hopping New Beach Bars and Old Favorite Hot Spots

Island hopping and looking for cool beach bars? Check out the Taco Bar -“Lime Out” Solar powered and environmentally friendly near St John Island.

Swim or motor over to your taco or island fusion drink while sitting on a submerged bar stool. The only thing better than getting a tasty taco and drink is getting it on Taco Tuesday in the Virgin Islands!

Taco Bar St John, Virgin Island Sailing
Taco Bar St John, Virgin Island Sailing

Good news for the Virgin Islands, the famous Willy T’s is moving back to its original spot at Norman Island. It had been relocated to Peter Island. Everyone is looking forward to having it back where it belongs in the famous BIGHT of Norman Island.

Willy T’s has been around for more than 20 years. It has given patrons old and new a place to have a great time.

Willy T’s version # 2 which landed on Norman Island is now going to be a new dive site. This is one of the projects recently taken on by BEYOND THE REEF. It has been salvaged, cleaned and will be turned into a wild underwater scene soon to be revealed. It will then be sunk for SCUBA diving and snorkeling on.

Word has it that the “Old” Willy T’s is going to be sunk as a Pirate Ship!!!    

Beyond the Reef is currently working on turning an old airplane into a giant shark to sink. We are going to have more creative and attractive underwater “fish attractor devices” from this new NGO company.

Kelly’s Land and Sea Tours
Kelly’s Land and Sea Tours available with BVI Yacht Vacations.

Don’t Forget to Visit Anegada

#1 on Trip Advisor’s “ Things to do on Anegada” on your Charter is Kelly’s Land and Sea Tours. Take a fast boat for you or your private group from the main anchorage over to Conch Mountain. On your way there you will skim over the very shallow clear water often seeing baby sharks, stingrays, and flamingoes. 

Once you arrive, you can see an impressive conch midden that goes back to ancient times. Hundreds of thousands of conch shells piled up by fishermen over the millennia. Think way back to the Arawak and Carib Indian days.

There is no cell service out on Horseshoe Reef. You feel like you have gone back thousands of years yourself, just for a few hours.

Visit Conch Mountain Anegada on your BVI Yacht Charter
Visit Conch Mountain Anegada on your BVI Yacht Charter.

After you marvel at the conch shells, go for a snorkel and see if you can help Kelly find and bring back Lobster and Conch and get your own personal lesson on how to clean them all. If it is the right season you will be able to keep your catch.

“Trust me, this will be one of the highlights of your trip”

If you have chartered a luxury yacht charter they may have the ability to do part of this tour themselves, however, only belongers can dive for lobsters with you so Kelly may be your man if you are keen for that aspect.

Award-winning Virgin Islands Cuisine Features Local Flavors

Spanish Town Virgin Gorda has a new Cafe. You can enjoy the flavors of the Dominican Republic with daily specials. A recent guest commented, ‘Excellent Dominican Gastronomy, very good deal I loved the family atmosphere full of love and enthusiasm.’

New restaurants abound on the main island of Tortola.

Try the Rooftop by Brandywine Bay. Set on the penthouse of a nondescript commercial building in the heart of town. You may miss it as it is not well signed, although there is an A board outside. Just look up for the top floor that has a canopy over it and start walking that way.

Casual but elegant dining, inspired by French and local cuisine. Enjoy this dining with a magnificent view of the entire area. This area includes the waterfront with the sailboats and ships traveling in and out of Road Harbour. I loved the cream of carrot soup!

Rooftop by Brandywine Bay
Rooftop by Brandywine Bay! Try it aboard BVI Yacht Charters!

Taste of India is also located in the heart of town. They offer a large selection of traditional and Authentic Indian cuisine at a reasonable rate. If you are looking for Vegan food, consider this one of your best options in town.

Fantasia by Giorgio’s and Fantasias Wine Bar. Stop in downstairs for a glass of wine in air-conditioned comfort. Then make your way upstairs for their bistro, street food, with a clear Italian bend. 

Book Your Virgin Islands Luxury Yachting Vacation before It’s Too Late

NOW is the time to start thinking of how you want to spend your holidays. Why now? Because ‘tis the season to book! Get ahead of everyone and start your planning. 

Think about it, crystal clear waters, salty sea air, sun shining on your face with a cold island beverage. All while laying on the deck of a luxury yacht while on charter.

Nearly every yacht will eventually get a holiday booking and the most popular yachts and crews will book up early.

Christmas and New Years are by far the most booked weeks of the year. Christmas charters typically end by Saturday, December 28, 2019. New Years charters would typically not begin before Sunday, December 29, 2019.

Send Kerry or Stephanie a quote form and emails will hit your inbox with yachts perfectly matched for you!

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