The Ultimate Fan Experience is a time for fans to come spend a week with one of their favorite artists on a yacht. Whether it be a culinary chef, painter, performing, astronomy, musician and in this case a singer-songwriter, fans spend time with these artists, get to know them, hang out with them, fish, snorkel, share meals and get intimate performances throughout the week.

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Levi Lowrey’s Ultimate Fan Experience

These fan trips started 6 years ago, when singer-songwriter, Levi Lowrey, wanted to cultivate a different experience with his fans. A way of bringing things he loves to do, being on the water and playing music. All for fans in an intimate setting, getting to know fans who help him do what he loves.


With 5 Ultimate Fan Experience charters under his belt in the Virgin Islands, he has grown comfortable to call this place a home away from home all while getting to know fans on a deeper level.  In past trips, the UFE with Levi has taken fans to the US and the British Virgin Islands.

During our time there we have visited such places as Norman Island, more famously known as Treasure Island where you can snorkel the caves. Salt Island, home to the Wreck of the Rhone, a British mail ship that sank back in 1867. A top 10 dive spot and a great place to snorkel!

The Rhone, BVI SCUBA diving Vacation.
The Rhone, BVI SCUBA diving Vacation.

Sail up to Anegada for the most crystal clear waters and flamingos. Anegada is a 12 mile stretch with its highest part being 28 feet above sea level. These are just a few things we do during the Ultimate Fan trip. 

Visit Conch Mountain Anegada. BVI Yacht Charters
Visit Conch Mountain Anegada on your BVI Yacht Charter

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