Kerry Hucul
The briefer will spend an hour or 2 with you. Your first mate should also be present for your briefing.
Topics covered are:
  1. Safety Equipment
  2. Dinghy Usage
  3. Operation of Anchor and Windlass
  4. Back up Anchor
  5. How to use and care for the heads (washrooms) on the boat
  6. Refrigeration and oven usage
  7. VHF Radio usage
  8. How to call back to the base
  9. Emergencies
  10. How to run the engine and check oil levels
  11. Navigation Equipment including GPS and Charter Plotter
  12. Daily Weather updates
  13. If you are sailing, instructions on all sailing controls and lines
Do not be in a rush, if you’re not 100% sure on what was just said, ask them to repeat it. There is no such thing as a dumb question!
You will receive a separate chart briefing. Chart briefings are done at a set time in the morning before your departure and done with all the other captains who will be heading out that day.
You will get a thorough description of the area, its anchorages, where not to go, what to look out for, and a weather forecast for the week and what that forecast means to you.
With having other captains present, many questions will come up that you have not thought about, so the group meeting is very beneficial.
Some tips on the itinerary will be given based on the weather forecast, but remember it is your vacation to do as you please.

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